Test driving cars - Ehegazy
Just heard about the Volvo unaccompanied test drives that apparently are done by the company directly at selected sites.

Apparently they allow you to drive the car for a full hour without the presence of one of their reps sitting at your side.

Does anyone know about any other car makers which offer such test drives.Looked around but couldnt find any this far.

Any ideas at all welcome.

Test driving cars - Altea Ego
If you insist, and you appear serious about car buying, all of them will. Any garage or car company that wont, wont be selling me a new car.
Test driving cars - Stuartli
Ford, Vauxhall and no doubt others regularly offer 24-72 hour loans of the model in which you are interested in order to get a better idea of how you and a car will gell.
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Test driving cars - Dynamic Dave
Does anyone know about any other car makers which offer such
test drives.

Vauxhall recently did. You could have the car for 3 days unaccompanied.
Test driving cars - Morris Ox
I'm struggling to understand the fuss about these test drive offers.

With both of the last two new car purchases I was involved in we had the cars for a working day and from Saturday morning until Sunday morning respectively. It just wasn't a big deal.

If anybody offered anything less I'd walk.
Test driving cars - v8man
That's one good point about motorcycle test drives!
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Test driving cars - bert-j
I used to buy VW's from a well known North Wales dealer. There was never any question of being accompanied on a test drive and the sales people got quite upset if you brought the car back in less than an hour. They suggested that you couldn't possibly test the car adequately in such a short time. They also said that it was no way to sell cars if you didn't trust your potential customers.
Test driving cars - Altea Ego
On my last car choosing spot I had a Ford for a long weekend, Renault for 48 hours, and a nissan for three days.

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