Vectra MAF sensor. Best way to clean? - Quinny
What's the best way/cleaner,to use to clean the MAF sensor,and how,on a 97 Vectra diesel?

Mine hasn't been touched since I bought the car 3 1/2 years ago,and I think now may be the time to do it.
Vectra MAF sensor. Best way to clean? - ratty

I'm going to have a go at cleaning the maf on a merc along the lines of the link below

Except I am going to get a can of electrical contact cleaner spray to do it rather than using brake cleaner as per:

I recently had a different car's maf in the car for a week to try and diagnose a problem at low rev after recent work. It was not the maf causing the original problem but it was a surprising power increase using the other cars maf.

Interested to know how you get on.
Vectra MAF sensor. Best way to clean? - Quinny
Interesting that you mention electrical contact cleaner,because,I have a product called Servisol,which is used in the cleaning of circuit boards on radio equipment,like CB's,amateur etc,so it's use is for delicate parts.

I'll try this on the maf sensor,as I feel it will be suitable,as it evaporates on contact,much like what is mentioned in your first link.

Hopefully,I'll do it on Saturday,and post back.
Vectra MAF sensor. Best way to clean? - OldOiler
Will concurr with your comments regarding using circuit board cleaner, it can mean death + costs!!??.
Also it should be noted that K&N style filters can screw up the MAF if too much oil is used in the filter material.
Vectra MAF sensor. Best way to clean? - Cymrogwyllt
For what it's worth My old 97 vectra had the MAF fail at about 27k and it was replaced. On inspection It looked as if the problem was corrosion of the electrical connections in the plug (Very similar to early 80's escort rear lights) Once the contacts were cleaned up however it made no difference.

Later on (50k) the performance of the car tailed off slightly and I could get the engine management light on at will by revving the engine hard under load. MAF again. Rather than pay VX £100+ for the component I just lived with it taking slight care not to hammer the engine too hard. Managed 'till 100k and then sold the car
Vectra MAF sensor. Best way to clean? - Quinny
Well,so far,so good.

I cleaned the sensor last night,and there seems no detrimental effect so far,if anything,it seems to rev smoother.

I'll keep you posted.


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