Fuse box problems with Ford Granada - Stuart Arlott

My Ford Scorpio /Granada is having some trouble with the fuses. This last week I have changed at least 10 fuses for the indicators and reverse light. It appears that when I give the car, kick-down, the fuse blows. The car is been to the Ford main dealer 10 TIMES !!!...they can't find the fault with it. I think the switch for the kickdown is going, the Ford dealer says this is ok.

Does anybody have any ideas ?

Ford Granada/Scorpio, Model 1992 2.0 DOHC automatic

Thanks in anticipation.

Re: Fuse box problems with Ford Granada - trevor
thes fuse boxes are notorious for getting water in them which seeps into the layers of the fuse box and causes short circuits and lights staying on etc.
take the top cover off and check for water ingress.
Re: Fuse box problems with Ford Granada - honestjohn
Trevor is dead right. I thought I'd included this in the car by car breakdown. If I hadn't I will do right now.

Granada Scorpio Engine dying - Mark Richards
My 1994 Granada Scorpio 2 litre - the engine has a habit of just dying after about running for 5 mins. This normally happens after a rainy day followed by a fairly hot one.

The engine will the turn over but will not fire - after about 2 mins the car will start and carry on as normal.

Could this be linked to water in the fuse box? or are there any other things to check?

My main dealer is not much use on electrical faults.
Re: Fuse box problems with Ford Granada - Phil Parker
If you remove the fuse/relay board and dry it out ( with a hairdryer) it may save the £100+ cost of a replacement unit. Make sure you clean up corroded contacts. Also, put a plastic bag over the box after re-assembly.

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