Nova Spider stolen - Victorbox
I have no connection with the owner of this stolen Nova beyond the fact I was at the Billing Aquadrome All Vauxhall Rally recently where I think the car was stolen. Heartbreaking for the owner who has put a lot of work into the car. A Backroomer might just spot the vehicle if it is still in one piece. Full details here

A word of warning, if you follow the link contained in this Vauxhall Heritage article to the owner's website for even more details, the "free" screensavers ad contained therein appears to be infested with Gain Gator spyware/adware so don't be tempted!
Nova Spider stolen - Marky Mark
probably been confiscated by the car fashion police..with a bit of luck! Truly hideous, not that I condone car crime.

Nova Spider stolen - AngryJonny
Tasteful or not, when someone's put so much effort into something they love it's absolutely gutting to see it get taken from them. Hope it turns up, but even then I suspect the thieves would just get a slap on the wrist and a week in Butlins. I'll keep my eyes open.

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