Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - holly1
I am struggling to get my 1999 1.2 16v Corsa SXi (corsa B model) into gear and I am really baffled as to what is the cause.

You see, its absolutely no problem when the engine is cold, its only a problem when I have been driving around for 15 - 20 mins and the engine has got to running temperature. Once that happens I have difficulty getting the car into any gear. Although the clutch pedal is to the floor, when you come to change gear it feels like its just got that little bit more to go in order to completely disengage the clutch.

Checked the Haynes manual which talks about component problems, but surely if my clutch plates etc. were worn the fault would occur all the time, not just when the engine is up to running temperature?

Someone at work suggested it might have an hydraulic clutch but the manual says nothing - although my car also has electronic PAS but the manual tells you nothing about that either.

Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - r3d_dwarf
I would guess that your gearbox oil level is low or losing fluid, as when the box gets hot theres no lubrication running through the gears is there a small oil patch under the car?
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - Railroad.
Does it go into gear easily without the engine running when it's hot? If it does then book it in for a new clutch...
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - holly1
Low gear oil? - possibly. Not noticed any leaks, we do have one or two spots on the drive, but they more likely come from our mini which spots everywhere.

Go into gear easy without engine running when hot? - No. Once the engine is hot its difficult to get into gear engine running or not.
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - r3d_dwarf
sounds very much low gear oil easy take it to local garage and they will check it for free ( if your a woman lol )
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - holly1
Lets hope thats all it is, will pop it to garage tomorrow. Knowing my luck they will charge me double for being a woman lol
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - Aprilia
This is not a clutch fault. Also its very unlikely to be low gearbox oil level. I suspect something more fundamental with the selector mechanism or linkage. Try readjusting the whole selector linkage.
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - holly1
But why does the fault only occur when the engine is hot??
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - Aprilia
Because metal expands when it gets hot. Something is expanding and binding up.
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - big davey
is the clutch pedal the same hight as the brake pedal? if not, if its lower, you need to wind the plastic nut up til the clutch pedal is level with brake. The linkage is also a very common fault with this car, changed quite a few lately.
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - r3d_dwarf
Have you an update for us daisy? 8< snip 8< DD.
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - holly1
Car is currently in the garage so dont want to speak to soon!!!

The clutch was much lower than the brake pedal so we adjusted it on Monday and he does appear to drive much smoother than before. Garage are going to check we have adjusted it enough & the gear oil level whilst its there.
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - Aprilia
If, as said further up the thread, the shifting is difficult whether or not the engine is running then its unlikely to be clutch or oil.
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - towdfella
It's a long time ago for you now but can you recall if the problem was due to the GB oil being too low?
Would like to know how you resolved since I may have th same fault right now. Thanks.
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - welsh1
This started happening to my car last december, where the clutch was replaced, it has now started to do it again! is this a clutch problem, or just the cable? which needs replacing / just shortening
Corsa - Clutch/Gear Problem?? - bell boy
sounds like a clutch problem to me,these corsas are all prone to being a pain if the cable isnt pretty spot on,they baulk like a spitting bronko
you may well need a new clutch now if you have been having to force it into gear but they are failrly straight forward and shouldnt be more than about £225 all in
cant see it being the linkage if all gears are affected

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