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Hi all

I'm just in the process of changing the pads on the front of my mums Rover 414i K reg. All going well until I had to push the cylinder back into the caliper to take up the thickness of the new pads. I unscrewed the brake fluid top, as I squeezed the cylinder with a G clap it pushed in fine but fluid started to leek from around the cylinder seal. To me this means the seal needs replacing before the car can be driven. Just after someone to clarify that for me please. The last thing I want is for my mum to be driving around and the breaks to fail.
thanks in advance


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Yes,it seems the seal has gone.They can be replaced but,assuming it is the original caliper,there may scoring,wear etc.that may damage a new seal quite quickly,so make sure you check for this first.It may be quicker and easier to find a good S/H replacement.
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Yup, put on a rebuilt caliper.

When you retract the cylinders, undo the bleed nipple and put some pipe on. Then let the excess fluid out into a container (don't re-use it). Don't push it back into the master cylinder - this is bad practice. When new pads have been fitted you can bleed the brakes through.
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Thanks for your quick responses, I've got some new seals on order. Hopefully the scoring wont be to bad, fingers crossed.
thanks again
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>>Hopefully the scoring wont be to bad,

Any scoring is bad on a cylinder.No matter how little.Would suggest either recon/new calipers. would not advise replacement of one only.You may end up with balancing problems.Ie one caliper starts braking before the other.Plus you run the risk new seals do the same thing if bore is damaged.
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Hello, this is very common on rovers and is nothing to worry about, every rover I have done, and I've done some, have leaked fluid past the seals and has been fine, never had one back. Yes its hard to belive but its a fact.

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