Mystery A-Class controls - PhiL P
I'm driving an A-Class loan car at the moment, a 2000 A140 Elegance, and thoughtfully the car's handbook is missing from the car.

Immeditately beneath the ventilation dials and alongside the recirculated-air button are two buttons whose function is a mystery to me. One is labelled "EC" and the other has a symbol on it that looks vaguely similar to that of the rear-heated screen. Upon switching either on nothing discernible seems to happen.

Anyone shed any light?

(Note that this is a 2000 model with a different dash design to the current 2001 model)
Re: Mystery A-Class controls - MPA
Sounds like AirCon controls to me. The symobol probably means "demist / defrost" for the front screen. EC I think switches on the aircon. I abandoned MB years ago so this is from hazy memory.
Re: Mystery A-Class controls - Andy Bairsto
ec is a economic method of using the ac the other i do not have any idea not fited on my neigbours
Re: Mystery A-Class controls - Dave N
The EC button stands for economy, and turns the a/c off. The other is the defrost, and turns the a/c, heated mirrors, heated screen (if fitted) on.
Mystery A-Class controls - David Lacey
EC is 'Economy', MB defaults the a/c to 'on' following a start on all models.


Re: Mystery A-Class controls - Guy Lacey
Ahhhh, so are MB admitting, unlike a number of people posting here, that a/c *does* increase fuel consumption?
Mystery A-Class controls - David Lacey
All cars with a/c have an 'Econ' position, so I guess they are!

Re: Mystery A-Class controls - PhiL P
Cheers all. I had wondered whether the "EC" button was related the a/c but had assumed the car didn't have it fitted as like you point out there's no actual a/c button to switch it on or off.

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