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Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Dean Mal
Somewhere in the forum there is a discussion about this problem in a VW Golf. Taking hints from there, I have followed the procedure to look into the vetilation and fan chamber under the windscreen seal panel. I have been unable to find any drainage holes or any pollen filter. The chamber has lip wall around it, making it impossible for the water to get in anyway. Removing the glove box for further examination from inside did not shed any light as to where the water could be coming in from. Apar from dismantlig the the whole fan orifice, I cant see how and where the problem lies. I would be grateful if anybody with the knowledge or experience could help. the water drips in from the extreme corner of passeger footwel behind the computer box, impossible to access. Its bewildering.

Honda Civic, rain water leaks - mjm
I don't know the Civic particularly, but you could try examining the following:-
1 Door seal
2 Windscreen/body seal at the bottom corner.
The door seal may have been damaged by any cable trunking going from body to door.
Have you a sunroof fitted? There may be a drain tube from that running down from the roof in that area, it may be displaced/damaged.
Water has a knack of appearing miles away from the leak. Can you get someone to "sensibly" play a hosepipe over the affected area whilest you look carefully inside for the ingress?

hope this helps.
Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Dean Mal
Thanks for the suggestions. They are all very sensible and have been eliminated. Its a Civic 3 dr 1.4 1998. The water comes in even when stationery although much more while driving (a litre or more depending on the length of time and severity of rain). RAC AUTO WINDSCREEN have checked and eliminated the screen. Local Honda dealer have no idea and agree with me that asking them to investigate would be virtually giving a blank cheque.

Honestjohn briefly suggested, it could be a blockage of drainage and pollen filter inside the ventilation planum chamber outside and under the windscreen seal panel. It makes sense, but having looked, I could not find either the drainage system or the pollen filter inside this small chamber. Perhaps the advice is too general and each model has its own peculiarities. Have I missed something or is there another source???????

Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Civic8
Are you sure the inner door membrane hasnt broken down.If it has broken away from door. water will travel into car rather than being forced into base of door...If this isnt the case.I would be inclined to look for white lines where the water has travelled..Not rocket science.But water always leaves a mark.All you need to do is trace where it leads to.though it may mean getting into areas you didnt expect.
Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Dynamic Dave
I could not find either the drainage system or the pollen filter inside this small chamber.

Pollen filter is located behind the glove box.


If you can locate this, it* might* help to ascertain whether the filter is wet or not. If not, then at least you've elliminated that it's coming through there.
Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Dude - {P}
D.D. - Thanks for that Puravent URL which is an excellent and informative website for all models.
Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Dean Mal
Thanks for all your thoughts guys! but i still hav'nt solved the problem of rain water coming into passenger footwell. Ispite of various suggestions, I cant seem to locate either the pollen filter (behind glove box) or the so-called "drain" in the ventilation chamber. I can only see a sealed fan unit. FRom outside the chamber opening is so small that on cant put a hand in it. So thats that.................still puzzling me. I have to stuff towels and sponges in that corner during the current rains..............any kind soul with useful hints??????///???
Honda Civic, rain water leaks - AR-CoolC

What Year Civic?
3 door of 5 door?
Do you have a sunroof?

Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Dean Mal

Thanks for asking.
Its 3 door, no sunroof.
Hope you got some ideas. Water is coming from left extreme corner behind the computer box, very difficult to access

Honda Civic, rain water leaks - AR-CoolC
1998 3 door with no sunroof Hmmm

More water comes in whilst driving Hmmm

What is the make of the windscreen fitted? I think this is the best starting piont.

Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Dean Mal

It's the original Honda windscreen and RAC Autoscreen have checked it out.


Honda Civic, rain water leaks - AR-CoolC
Are you sure its the original? What make is it?

Just because someone has checked it, it doesn't mean they are right.
Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Civic8
I cannot say I have ever come across a bonded screen leaking water.Air leak yes.As a matter of interest what side is the bonnet release cable?.
Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Dean Mal
In reply to AR-CoolC

Its a Honda windscreen and I am pretty certain water source is a bit lower than that.

In reply to Steve.O

The release is on the driver side which eliminates that.
Is there a chance of it coming from inside the wing. Or is there drain outlet on top or inside the planum chamber ? I have not discovered one yet.

Cheers guys

Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Civic8
>>Is there a chance of it coming from inside the wing

very reason I asked about release lever..if plastic wheel arch is not correctly fitted/been removed/split,water will spray past and into car.But only if bad fitting grommets..Before you say anything.Comment based on LHD having a grommet in place to cover hole not used by cable??
Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Dean Mal

I have aleady taken the plastic covering off the wing and have not found any openings for the water to get in. Why should it suddenly do that. One or two screw are missing on the covering. I will have look again but I am not hopeful. Do you know where the drain outlet of the planum chamber is situated ?(honestjohn suspects that, or the pollen filter which is also not visible to me).

Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Civic8
According to haynes and quote.Remove glove box. Remove felt trim panel from under Heater inlet duct/then release the cover from bottom of pollen filter housing/Lower the pollen filter from its housing.Fit using reversal of removing procedure..However its from rover 400 manual But may be the same or similar.My one didnt have it.

I really cannot think of anything else it can be.Its rare they do leak inside..Apart from rear light clusters as gasket breaks down..Wont affect front though!
Honda Civic, rain water leaks - tina
Hi ~ i have same car and same problem?

Has anyone solved this yet??
Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Falkirk Bairn
My son's BMW 3 series had similar symptoms - lots of water and no obvious leak although the footwell was sloshing about going around corners.

Ended up it was a faulty weld on the bulkhead that required rewelding - front wing had to come off to gain access.

This diagnosis was 3 weeks as the obvious sites for water penetration were look at - windscreen, filters,AC.........

Honda Civic, rain water leaks - RichC
Hello, I have the same problem with my 1998 Civic 3 door.

The leak seems to be coming from the top left(from inside) of the bulkhead. I have removed the passenger seat, the door sill trim, and the glove box. Disconnected ECU from it's mount and removed the mount, taken up the carpet from under the glovebox and lifted up the sound proofing from the bottom of the bulkhead.

I placed some blankets under the carpet and sound proofing to dry it all up. After a day I ran water over the windscreen and got into the car and sure emough water came down the bulkhead. Which eliminated the A/C and sunroof drain holes. I did have a windscreen replaced 4 years ago, but whether it is the screen or not I don't know yet.

Tonight I will remove the battery, main fuse box and the plastic trim at the bottom of the screen to see if there is anything obvious from outside.

Honda Civic, rain water leaks - RichC
There was nothing obvious, so I am going to get the windscreen replaced.
Honda Civic, rain water leaks - Mikey Jay
I did a google search (honda civic water leaks) and suggest you do the same. It has been suggested that there may be insufficient sealer on the firewall or body seams. What a wretched problem! Hope you fix it soon.HTH. Mike
Honda Civic, rain water leaks - RichC
I have seen on a honda site in New Zealand(!) and the cowling which covers the heater air inlet can be the problem. It can be taken off and resealed. The old integra suffered from this problem, but in their case the water ran into the heater fan, so I guess it could be a lot worse!

Whilst the weather is dry I am going to attempt to run some sealant over the joints in this area. I have some black gutter sealant which is quite flexible and will not be seen anyway. Get the watering can out and run water over the joints without getting near the windscreen if that's possible. Then see what happens.

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