best place to buy a car? - hcm
having been the fool one too many times in buying a second hand car, i'm determind to get it right this time.

i realise there are good and bad examples in each area; main dealer, independent, supermarket and private.

however if you had £5k and by this time next week had to have a decent car where would you buy it from?
best place to buy a car? - Happy Blue!
Depends on the type of car and the age required.

For £5,000 you could have an older prestige in which case an independent or a nearly new supermini, in which case a supermarket.

Mate of mine bought a Skoda Fabia from a family run Skoda dealer. Top of the range, about three years old. Delighted with it. Keeps raving over it. Paid less than £5k.
Espada III - well if you have a family and need a Lamborghini, what else do you drive?

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