need help again. - VTiredeyes
jeez, i bet u lot are sick of me.
what car next is my poll, any chance of having the next weeks poll for me?

i do around 25-40K miles a year
get £300quid a month, 18p a mile. to run a motor.
got wife, 2 kids (8&12)
do usually stuff, hols, kids & friends, football, fishing.
would love a 5 series saloon or tourer.(with saloon i have a large roofbox. is this ok to put on a saloon bmw?)
se or sport?
got around £20K to spend.
or would Audi a4 or a6 be better?
the new a4 auto looks a bit sexy? but is it any bigger than old a4 (it looked smaller than my 320d 03reg sport tourer)
really want 330cd coupe bmw, but suspension is sport on all of them, even se.

want a good driving position, comfy, but got a bit of ooomph when needed. do 70% motorway and 30% a/b roads.
obviously need good mpg. would love auto(lazy) but manual would be better for mpg.

im sure ive asked this before.
but you never know, might get a few different ideas this time round.

an no, not a subaru forester xt please !
need help again. - keo-the-dog
go for the 5 series and a roof box ... the rest of the bmw lot wouldn't let you play you would be the ugly duckling which is the reason i think you should do it, not only that but you want one ... i dont like them but that is purely personal but a huge roofbox on a 5 series saloon now that i like...cheers...keo
need help again. - Avant
Go and have a test run in an A4 Avant - seems to fit your criteria. There's little if any loss of economy with the multitronic (CVT) transmission. You might get a good deal on the running-out old model, which hasn't got that ghastly new grille that looks like a '58 Ford Edsel.
need help again. - Robert J.
For comfort, what about the new Volvo S40, or for more room the bigger version whose name escapes me (V50 ?)

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