Have I been duped?? - .Charlie.
I bought a three year old Ford Mondeo TDdi Ghia X from a dealer 14 days ago.

At the time I made my concerns clear regarding a mistake in the logbook - it stated the car was a 4 door sallon Ghia - when infact it's a 5 door hatch Ghia X. The salesman assured me it was probably typing error on DVLA's fault and I should contact then to have it rectified.

But - I have just found out the car is actually a German Import - I was not made aware of this at all.

Am I entitled to confront the dealer?

Is there anything I can do?

Should I be worried?

Have I been duped?? - Retro
Back the car on him.
Have I been duped?? - frostbite
A lot of Fords, including the last two I have owned, are made in Germany.

Is that what you mean?

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Have I been duped?? - .Charlie.
Sorry, no...

I got the service book through the post today - and it's dealer stamped from a German Ford Dealer - and the date stamp is two months before the date first registered on the logbook etc.

Plus there is a certificate of conformity there too.

Have I been duped?? - DavidHM
Should you be worried?

Erm, maybe, because the seller is not necessarily that trustworthy.

In Germany I don't think there was such a thing as a Ghia X, merely a Ghia - which was presumably specced up to match the UK Ghia X. As such, the V5 *may* be correct. Similarly, the Mondeo in German would be described as a 5-door-saloon rather than specifically as a hatchback, so the V5 was probably filled out on that basis.

You won't be able to get an implied term that a car has not previously been imported from outside the UK, which is essentially what you are asking for, except as a long shot if it's from a franchise dealer. Obviously, if you were told that the car was a UK car then you will be entitled to some redress if you can show that the car is worth less in that state, but not if the matter was never discussed.

However I should point out that now the car is three years old, it is out of warranty anyway, and the benefits of having a main dealer service history will have faded somewhat already and will be even less by the time you come to sell the car. As such, I wouldn't be too concerned about the car's provenance, provided that it's in good condition and well maintained and you didn't pay too much for the car in the first place.

Personally I would be a little disappointed about the experience and be more careful if buying a car from the dealer again, but I wouldn't be too aggressive about this. In the end, if you have a good car that you like, in good condition, and you paid a fair price, it's hard to see that you've actually lost anything.
Have I been duped?? - Pezzer
Could it be a car originally bought by someone in the Forces ? Not sure it make any difference to you though.
Have I been duped?? - .Charlie.
Thanks for the replys so far...greatly appreciated.

I suppose I am just off at the fact the dealer didn't come clean even after me expressing concerns regarding the logbook stating it was a Ghia and not a Ghia X - because as far as I can see he advertised it as a Ghia X - when technicly it's not. I even asked twice was it a Ghia X - to which he replied yes 100%.

I am just wondering if there is anything I can do with regards to that fact.

No doubt when I go to sell/trade in - I will get booked on a Ghia and not a Ghia X due to the logbook stating exactly that.


Here we go again. Why use "pi55ed" ? Do you find S's very rude and prefer not to use them ? Is "pi55ed" less offensive than "pissed" ? Or are you aware that there is a swear filter and have tried to dodge it ?

Please don't. I am more annoyed by someone trying to dodge the swear filter and regard letter substituting as a way of making a word "better" much more annoying than I find bad language - people dodging the swear filter and making me work is something which is really trying.

And finally, language is a dodgy thing. And rather than trying to understand where the line lies between acceptable bad and unacceptable bad, we don't use any bad. i.e. we don't use words you wouldn't want someone else to use in front of your Mother, and that you would not use in front of someone else's mother.

As things go around here, this is a polite request.

Have I been duped?? - kithmo
Check the Vin numbers to make sure he has given you the correct log book for the car. How do you know it's a Ghia X rather than the Ghia, check the specs. If it is badged as a Ghia X and it is only a Ghia (it's easy to stick an "X" badge on the end) then you have been mislead by the dealer as the car was not as described. But if you're happy with the car then it's not worth losing sleep over it.
Have I been duped?? - .Charlie.

I am assuming it's a Ghia X due to the spec (i.e Leather Interior, 17" Alloys, Cruise Control etc)

As said though - I'm just annoyed at the lack of honesty from the dealer.
Have I been duped?? - DavidHM
When are you planning to trade in? It may not make much difference if you're trading in a six or eight year old car.

If you're concerned, ask the local Ford dealer what the VIN says it is. If it's purely an error on the logbook, it'll be correctable - the DVLA used to think my car was the world's only 5-door hatchback 406.
Have I been duped?? - smokie
"lack of honesty from the dealer"

With all due respect to the dealers who may frequent this place, honesty and car dealer shouldn't appear in the same sentence, IMO.

I've not had any really bad experiences, but that's because I simply never trust them completely Always do your own homework if you can. Or, like I have recently, buy privately or at auction...at least if you end up with something not quite right you usually have a few bob to spare to fix it.
Have I been duped?? - .Charlie.
Thanks for the replys guys


P.S - "Mark" - I'm extremly sorry if I stepped on your toes with regards to my use of a "bad word" - I honestly typed it without thinking about it even possibly offending or breaking any rules. (My wrist's have been slapped!)
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Charlie - don't worry about it. It was hardly a serious offence and I'm sure it was a one-off.
Have I been duped?? - Avant
Every sympathy for Charlie - but may I just say that it's good to see you back as a moderator, Mark. Obviously reports of your resignation, as your namesake Mark Twain said about his death, were greatly exaggerated.

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