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Mondeo - Airbag Warning Light ????? - Patsy

Hi, just coming back from the supermarket in my purple 98 Mondeo ;) and a yellow warning light came on the dash - the same one that glows when you first put the key in to remind you to put the seatbelt on. It kept flashing all the way home - didn't say on permanently though.

Im presuming its for the airbag - though cause thats included in the "picture". Both seatbelts were in use and fully locked-in.

Thing is - I can't get to a garage until Monday and I needed to use my car tomorrow - do I have a serious problem and should the care be driven???

Any help would be appreciated, guys.

Mondeo - Airbag Warning Light ????? - Dynamic Dave
If it is the airbag warning light, then *chances* are the seat belt tensioner wires under the seat have triggered the fault. The light is warning you that the system is inoperative, so there's little chance of the airbag going off in your face unintentionally. However, if you were to have an accident, then they won't go off intentionally either.

First thing to check is the wiring under the seats is secure.
Mondeo - Airbag Warning Light ????? - henry k
First thing to check is the wiring under the seats is

Yes a common cause.

Study the number of flashes and the pauses.
The results can be translated into a speciffic fault.
IIRC 4 flashes and a pause means its the pre tensioners.

It is most likely the connector but was the seat moved prior to the fault appearing?
Mondeo - Airbag Warning Light ????? - Patsy
Henry - thats exactly it! Four flashes and a pause. So - thats the "tensioners" ... what does this mean in terms of making it right?

Can I do it ... (yeah right!) or is it a garage job - and if so, is it an expensive garage job?

Thanks SO much for your input guys - v. much appreciated!!!
Mondeo - Airbag Warning Light ????? - henry k
As I understand it. The pre-tensioners are small cylinders with explosive in them.
The are mounted horizontally along side the seats in the centre by the seat belt buckles.
I can easily see them on my 98 Mondeo.
When triggered by impact sensors they take the slack out of the belts.
I understand that disconnecting and reconnecting the plug/s under the seat usually solves it.
It is a very frequent topic on so have a search on their forum.
Re cost. Starts at plug/uplug - solved it, up to replacing cylinder and /or the control module.
IIRC the module is about £100 plus vat assuming it is similar to sons 99 Focus that was done last year.
Hope this gives you some cred when talking to the garage.
Mondeo - Airbag Warning Light ????? - ozpom
I don't have a manual to check. Is the warning light you describe a yellow one situated bottom extreme left of the dash?


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