Mk 3 Astra - Engine Cuts Out When Idling - Pejay
Have recently acquired a 1993 (J reg) Mk 3 Astra Merit i with a 1.3 Petrol Engine.

A good little car but has this annoying problem in that the engine cuts out when stationary and ticking over (Usually at traffic lights of something!) Anyway it refuses to start again for a few minutes, but just leaving it for this short time does the trick and it starts and runs fine for a while. Seems to make no difference whether the engine is hot or cold. And I never have any problems when on a run etc. The strangest thing is, this can happen several times in one day and then it might not happen again for a couple of weeks.

The place I've taken it to don't really seem to have a clue what the problem could be. Although they have looked at it on two or three occasions, the fault has not occurred when it's been with them. They have tried blowing out fuel line and cleaning the relay.

I would really appreciate any suggestions as to what to try for the best. I'm not even sure if it is more likely to be a fuel or electrical problem?
Thanks very much
Mk 3 Astra - Engine Cuts Out When Idling - SkintSteve
Don't know if this is any help but I had similar problems on a cavalier. Problem was carb float level.

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