- EPC Warning Light - BobbyG
Friend has an "EPC" warning light lit on the dashboard of his Polo. He does not have a manual.

Anyone any idea what this is for?

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VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Aprilia
EPC - Electronic Power Control (i.e. Engine Management system) fault. Means there is most probably something wrong with a sensor signal. Could be the brake light switch as mentioned above. When fault is fixed the light will go out.

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VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Imagos
A quick google comes up with varying answers from 'Electronic Power Control' to 'Electric Potentiometer Control' could be throttle problem. Is engine on reduced power?

Remedies from disconneting battery and reconnecting sometimes clears warning light to engine management fault take to dealer!

sorry a bit vague.
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Altea Ego
Its the "something is sick with the engine" warning light.

According to various sources on the web it could be anything from one of the engine sensors to a duff ECU. If the brake lights have failed as well its a loose fuse.
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - BobbyG
Cheers RF, brake lights not working either so he is away to check out all the fuses.
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - bert-j
Almost certainly will be a faulty brake light switch - very common on Polo's. Probably nothing else wrong.
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Aprilia
EPC - Electronic Power Control (i.e. Engine Management system) fault. Means there is most probably something wrong with a sensor signal. Could be the brake light switch as mentioned above. When fault is fixed the light will go out.
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - bugged {P}
When I had the beetle i had the exact same problem, the EPC isn't mentioned in any great detail in the manual either.
Its the brake light switch, I made them collect the car and tow it away under warrenty as I wasn't prepared to drive with no brake lights.

VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Alpie
I have a Y reg Polo auto 1.4 .... the EPS light and engine light keeps coming on ???

There is no loss of power and brake lights are Ok ... and vw.audi specialist changed MAP sensor ... but hasnt cured fault ....

Any ideas ???
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Screwloose

Get the fault-codes read by someone who understands how to use a scan tool. Throwing parts at an engine management system is not how to fix them.
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Alpie
thanks for prompt response .... any VW dealer/specialist you can recommend in croydon, surrey area ???
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Screwloose

Generally; the best way to find any trade specialist is to ask at a motor factors or car parts supplying dealership.

The staff at such places hear a lot of feedback about what their customers excel at and can be quite informative.
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Deryck Tintagel
Fault codes read is the best way forward to point you in the right direction, but have you looked at the battery voltage with the engine running. It may be that voltage is too high / low, or maybe the battery is on the way out and the alternator can't cope with the steering load.
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - jonnee23
I have an X - Reg VW Polo 1.4 16v

Have had the 'Check' light and EPC warning constantly for the past two months.

I have had the throttle body and potentiometer replaced, throttle housing replaced, and wiring to the engine manifold refitted.

The same problem still persists! The latest work was done by VW specialists at the SMG Van Centre (22 Landsdowne Roan, Croydon)

The car runs fine without the warning lights, but will stall when stopped after running for about 5 mins causing these warning lights to come on...
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - xrictodGRE
I have the same problem.
after running the engine for some minutes the light is on and remains on if i stop and restart the engine.
the light is off only if i stop the engine for enough time but it lights again some minutes after i start the engine. Sometimes it lights off if i run the car to a motorway but i dont know if this is related to the problem.
What thepink fluffy dice is going on?

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VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Screwloose

Have you checked your brake lights?
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - xrictodGRE
actually after i posted the message the EPC did not light up again until now!
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Screwloose

The problem is with the electronic throttle control system.

What car; year; engine size; fuel; engine code? [Inside the front cover of the service book or on the cam-belt cover label.]
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - xrictodGRE
ok . the problem is up again. its not the braking lights

vw caddy 2001 1.4 55Kw unleaded
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Screwloose

Either get the codes read; or, if you fancy changing bits on a whim, fit a new throttle pedal sensor.

[It's that little drum above the clutch pedal; I've changed a lot of them on Caddys - about £375+VAT.]
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - RichardW
Is that right Screwloose? £375 + VAT for what is presumably just a potentiometer????

Holy cow.....

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Screwloose

My thoughts exactly. Just a simple twin-track pot; [in a little plastic box though...]

[A Fiesta one is £21 - and you get the whole pedal assy.]
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - sean196766
yeah mate...my polo 9n has tons of warning light flashing...just like a damn x'mas tree..
powr steering lights, air bag lights...who know wat light will come on next..

long story short....dodgy wire loom connection causes no elec goin to the dash gauages..eventually couldn't start the car....which happened on new years eve of last year...having friends trying to jump start and nothing happened...after some desperate attemp..i tapped the dash with my finger tip...and damn...lights back on and engine start...

..one day i sniff under the steering wheels where the wire looms are...and its the alarm guy who did a dodgy wiring job that cause everything...

been to the main dealer all they telling me is ..no fault showing on the computer and car running good while in here...only suggestion is to replace the whole instrument cluster...400 euro..

hope this time the EPC light is just cause by bad wiring again...any good tips as how to solve this mystery would be great

happy x'mas folks

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VW Polo EPC Warning Light - jcw
hiya i have an x reg polo, have had THREE new gear boxes, new clutch, new suspension, new pretty much everything now the ABS warning light randomly flashes n most recently the EPS warning light, is it jinxed?!
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Screwloose

Certainly sounds like it; code-reading the ABS and engine ECUs will give some clues as to what may be amiss with those systems.

Brake pedal switches are common to both systems - if the faults are connected. Checking the brake light bulbs is worthwhile too.
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - Phred Fillips
I have read several items that indicate that the brake pedal s/w can be the cause of the epc light to display.
I have a 2000 x-reg 16v 1.4 Polo estate and there are indeed TWO switches on the pedal.
One is white with two electrical connections and this operates the brake lights - It is sometimes called Switch E.
The other is blue - sometimes called switch F - it looks like a switch, but it is technically called a valve! It also has two wire connections. This switch, or valve is connected to the Engine Control Unit (ecu) and acts as a fuel cut-off device when the car is braking - obviously, the ecu does not want to needlessly pump fuel into the engine when the car is under brake - so if it operates properly slightly improves MPG, particularly if one is doing a lot of stops and starts. From my experience, even with the switch/valve removed,the car will drive normally (although the epc remains on) and some fuel may be lost at the points of braking.
Either, or both switches can be removed, although a little ackward, by kneeling outside the driver's and looking up the pedal stems (after removing any easily removed covering). You will obviously need a torch. Remeber, the white s/w for the brake lights - the blue s/w (valve) for the braking fuel cut-off device.

If you need to replace, try a parts specialist, often much cheaper than a Vw dealership.

Good luck.
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - yeehah1
15 03 09
Hi there guys. This has just started recently on my wife's 2000 Polo as well and hte brake lights are not working. I know there are 3 fuses on top of the battery. Would one of these be the offending fuse or is the main fuse box located elsewhere, like under the steering wheel?

Thanks in advance

VW Polo EPC Warning Light - eilish

Just had the same issues with my own.

look just above the brake pedal there should be a brake light fuse. often because these are close to the pedal they get knoked and come loose.

Two options, You can take it out and tighten the top of the round section but it will probably re-occur pretty soon after or replace this part.

Hope this helps.

VW Polo EPC Warning Light - WESSEX600

Hi, On my 2001 Polo 1.4 16v auto, I have had over a year of the Engine Fault and EPC light intermittently coming on (either one or both) and the garage unable to cure the problem - until - they noticed a small split in the brake vacuum hose from the brake servo. (cost £24.50) We think this was leaking with slight engine movement. We now have had one whole glorious week of no fault lights showing!

VW Polo EPC Warning Light - BrianH2

Take off the vacuum tube to the power brakes ( just pull). Is it cracked?

Just replaced my wife's.........no more EPC.


VW Polo EPC Warning Light - JasonPaling
Hi, I have an 04 plate 1.2 polo and epc light comes on when I stop at traffic lights and goes into safety mode where I can only go 15mph max with the car revving without me pressing the accelerator unless I keep low revs on. I have taken it to a garage which told me it was throttle body, so then we had a second hand one to replace it. The light still comes on and the garage are unable to fix it? Can anyone help with this problem?
VW Polo EPC Warning Light - stevebreeze
Hi Im Having the same problems as you with my car, did you manage to get to the bottom of your problem ? Cheers Steve

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