Grade of Petrol - Nigel Hodgson
I've got a 2.0 Focus ESP and am slightly disappointed with the fuel consumption - I get 28 mpg on my daily commute, 32 mpg on a long run. I do have a heavy right foot though! I was wondering if I switched to 97 octane from the 95 I cuurently use if I would get better mpg and performance.. Ford recommend 95 octane

Also you may wish to know that my car was recalled for a brake master cylinder change - this isn't in your list of recalls
RE: Grade of Petrol - honestjohn
Dear Nigel,

Thanks for your input about the master cylinder. If I can get 40mpg on a run from my 2.0 Mondeo, you can from your 2.0 Focus. Obviously you won't get this sort of economy from mixed motoring involving town work, but you should still average out at about 33 - 34mp. Try switching to Shell Premium unleaded rather than Super as this is around 95.6 Ron; 0.5 higher than the average for premium unleaded and has a good detergent package.

Let us all know ho you get on.