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Saabb 95 Radio Display - Matt
The Radio Display(which is also the Information display and Climate Control Display have started to read very strangely. There are parts of the display missing as if bulbs have gone. Anybody come accros this before? Is it likely to cost a fortune at Mr saab?
Re: Saab 95 Radio Display - Andy
You may have contracted LAC's computer virus. Parked next to any Lada's recently...?

Re: Saab 95 Radio Display - Matt
Fourtunately not!!!!!!
Re: Saab 95 Radio Display - Andrew Hamilton
When several things go wrong on a display I usually suspect the voltage stabiliser is failing. So check voltage at circuit board level before drastic steps!
Re: Saabb 95 Radio Display - Mike H
I've just bought a 9-5 with a similar problem, it is intermittent & it looks just like a whole line of pixels are missing. It doesn't stop anything working & I can see it being loadsamoney to fix at a main dealer. Until it gets unreadable I will leave it alone until it breaks.

You might also try the Saab Owners Club website at, there is a technical forum & also a tame mechanic (ex-Saab main dealer) who might have some useful hints.

Good luck & don't go near a dealer yet!
Re: Saab 95 Radio Display - John Slaughter
I imagine because of the parentage, there are similarities with the unit used in Vectras.

I've seen a few of those failed - various sections of the display missing, not always consistently. Started when my car was under 2 years old.

Fix on mine was new unit, but as it was a company car I didn't see the bill. The replacement was fine after 2+ years when sold.



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