Heated rear window - Wendy

Every now and then my Dad has a problem with his Vauxhall Carlton - so Im back to post another query!

He has a heated rear window that only heats on the centre line(?)

A new window is £300. Can anyone suggest a company that can repair this cheaper than this? (in the North London are - Harrow)


Re: Heated rear window - T lucas
You can buy silver repair paint from places like Halfords,it is a slow,fiddly job but i have repaired many non working HRW with this method and it only costs a few quid.
Re: Heated rear window - miffy
The advice I got from a dealer the last time this happened to me was that a broken rear screen would cost me the glass excess (£35) on my insurance policy!!
Heated rear window - David Lacey
Exactly! Repaired HRW elements with Electrocure are unsightly on a clean car. Banger, then yes, no problem.
HRW's are covered under our Car Care Plan Warranties and a few do get replaced at no cost to the customer.
But others have to claim on their insurance.

Not sure how the insurance companies see it though..unless a brick is used the night before.

Re: Heated rear window - Alwyn
Many years ago, a Chester chappie got in trouble for fitting sun roofs to cars and then billing for a replacement windscreen.

Insurance company not happy
Re: Heated rear window - Andrew Hamilton
No it is not unsightly to repair printed tracks with silver expoxy. This was covered ages ago . Use Search facility. Mask off area you do not want covered. Apply slver to clean metal surface, remove tape and heat with hair dryer. Worked for me!

I now watch rear elements and when protective laquer comes off I revarnish.
Heated rear window - David Lacey
When the elements are brown/gold whatever in colour and the electrocure fluid is silver it sticks out like a sore thumb!

Would you accept this as a warranty repair on your 3/4 yr old used car?

No! of course not!

Re: Heated rear window - ladas are cool
put the silver stuff on all the elements, so it looks the same all over.
Re: Heated rear window - John Slaughter

As a warranty repair, no, it's not acceptable.

As a DIY repair for a defect or two, it's fine. With careful masking a very neat job can be done.



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