Oh no!! Dodgy clutch??? - David Moore
I recently had a new clutch fitted on my 1988 Polo which has covered 135k+ miles. On the drive home it (well not the clutch specifically) was problematic. It would only engage 3rd and 5th gear if the lever was slammed in, and when my foot wasn't on the pedal there was a strange whistling noise, like an old fashioned kettle.

I took it back and they 'made an adjustment and moved the linkage over to the left.'

Take two, then, and it was great - light pedal, easy gearchange.

HOWEVER the pedal has become 'heavy.' This is after, say, 1000 miles on the outside. Clutches last longer than that so what could be the cause?

All I can think of is that the cable, under the strain of operating the original worn out clutch, snapped away from the pedal and the AA fitted a metal clamp of sorts, taken from the cable under the bonnet. This involved sacrificing some of the available cable. The consequence is that the biting point leaves little play between pedal and floor. But I can't see this causing a heavy clutch action. Also right now there is sort of a vibrating noise which seems to come from under the gear lever.

Excuse the non-technical language!
Re: Oh no!! Dodgy clutch??? - ChrisR
If you're sure it's not the clutch, it could simply be that the cable housing is worn, resulting in the cable not running smoothly through it. This will give a heavy clutch feel. Not expensive; could easily DIY in fact.

Re: Oh no!! Dodgy clutch??? - David Moore
What does it look like and how do I fix it?!?
Re: Oh no!! Dodgy clutch??? - Brian
I think that Chris is simply saying try fitting a new cable, which consists of the outer housing with the cable inside.
Re: Oh no!! Dodgy clutch??? - David Moore
It had a new cable 3 months ago.

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