Another Virus: SULFNBK.EXE - Honest John
Just got e-mailed that there's a sleeper virus lurking in many European computers. It was in mine. Here's what to do. Press the START button, then the Find button. Select Files and directories. Key SULFNBK.EXE into the search window. If and when it comes up, DO NOT OPEN IT. Press Edit, then Select All, then Delete. After you have done this, right click on your recycle bin and empty that as well.

Re: Another Virus: SULFNBK.EXE - Selfy
Hoax works better than a virus

By Matt Loney
ZDNet (UK)
May 30, 2001 11:01 AM PT

A hoax e-mail warning people that their PCs may contain a virus called
sulfnbk.exe--that will be triggered on 1 June--seems to be propagating
as a result of mass hysteria.
The e-mail, which was originally written in Portugese and was reported
to be doing the rounds in Brazil last month, has now been translated
and appears to be appearing throughout the UK, advising people to
delete a harmless Microsoft Windows utility--called sulfnbk.exe--from
their hard disks. Antivirus experts were quick to point out that the
e-mail does not contain a worm, and is being passed around simply by
well-meaning people alarmed at its contents.
Re: Another Virus: SULFNBK.EXE - dan
That's pretty funny, l wonder how far you could stretch that one...

Look out for the 'Win98' virus that hides in its own directory.
Do a find and delete the whole thing. Ignore its plaintive cries of "But this is a system file, are you sure you want to fnck with it?" This is just a clever ploy to stop you deleting it etc...
Re: Another Virus: SULFNBK.EXE - Honest John
Thanks, Selfy. That was really quick. Trouble is that the other one: WORM_BADTRANS.B doesn't seem to be a hoax.

Re: Another Virus: SULFNBK.EXE - ladas are cool
i have just put a new topic on this website about WORM_BADTRANS.B as i have had it on my computer, it slowed the computer down, i couldnt get into ANY website, and it sent the virus to all the people in my web address book,it also sent private email to different people (details of credit cards, registration details for forums, share and investment details, etc) but the website called has fixed it, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE LINK.
Re: Another Virus: SULFNBK.EXE - markymarkn
in any case, a good tip:

when deleting stuff quick, hold [shift] down while pressing/clicking delete and it will delete it straight away and not move it to the recycle bin.
Re: Another Virus: SULFNBK.EXE - Andrew Hamilton
Fascinating how many get caught by virus hoaxes. Nortons owner Symantec have loads of examples. Some people end up doing horrible things to their computer. Hope HJ regularly backs up his files!
Re: Another Virus: SULFNBK.EXE - markymarkn
how come everyone starts getting viruses as soon as we start talking about them??
Re: Another Virus: SULFNBK.EXE - ladas are cool
maybe its someone on this website sending them???
Re: Another Virus: SULFNBK.EXE - THe Growler
I found this one and deleted it. Surprising my Trend AV hasn't found it, harmless or not.

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