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I have recently aquired a Y (2000) Ford Mondeo 2.0 LX. It is letting in water. The spare well has 2 inches in it and the whole of the drivers side of the cars carpet is soaked.

I am assuming that the water is coming in either

1. Throught the rear headlight seal or
2. Throught the boot seal

any other thoughts ???

am I missing anything ?

many thx in advance
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Almost certainly your problem is with the rear light seals, which is a well known Mondeo fault.

Much has previously been discussed about this issue. Try doing a "Forum Search" to find all the previous posts.

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I agree with Galaxy regarding the boot, I had the same problem with my X reg 2000 Mondeo, rear light seals were shot at.

You can check by taking off the bulb access covers and pouring some water down the gutter running from roof to tail light, the water will probably be seen dribbling straight through into the boot.

It's only four nuts holding each tail lamp cluster on. Remove and clean up, then apply bathroom sealant or a similar product liberally and carefully around the edge of the bodywork surround and refit.

Alternatively buy some new light clusters.
I did ask if Ford did new seals but was told that they only come as part of the unit, this may not still be the case though.

Can't help you with the drivers side carpet being wet though, check your door and door surround seals etc. would be my best advice.


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If you dont want to pay ford prices look on ebay.
(iam not a mechanic)

Martin Winters
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Rear lamp cluster leaks were common on fords going back to MK3 escort..Sierra/Fiesta had same problems..Trick is to remove gasket. Clean up/dry.. including mating surface of cluster unit/body. then apply silicon sealant to both cluster surface/body..In this way it seals both sides of the gasket.
Some made the mistake of doing one side only. Ie leak still there. May be so much water getting in from this point its getting into floorpan as well? I would get the one leak sorted first. work on other one after.
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Totally agree with Peter's comments. Same with my 1999.
Needed a surprisingly large amount of force on my car to separate the light cluster from the body, just pushing the screw threads.
Whilst I was at it, I also punched a stout screwdriver through the rubber bung in the bottom of the spare wheel well, so that any future leak would drain out.

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I had a 1979 Marina - it was well named. Drain holes in the boot floor cured the severe flooding.
However the under floor steel fuel tank then rotted through.
The good old days.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.


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