Aldi Sat Nav is back! - jlo
Hi All,

Aldi are doing their sat nav kits again £20 cheaper than earlier this year. They are now £249.99 and will be on sale from the 11th November but am sure like last time stocks will quickly go.

My Father bought one ealier this year and has found it excellent. It does not have the '3D effect' like Tom Tom but never the less gives very good voice and graphic instructions. Don't know which software is on this version though.

Its still a good cheap offer though!

Look at and click on 'speicial buys' for more info.


Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Imagos
I have an Aldi store about 400 meters away. hmm.. tempted now, worth buying or would I be wasting my money?
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - trancer
I feel the temptation too and I am about due for a bit of retail therapy. I can't help, but think that getting a "proper" PDA (meaning a well known brand)and adding sat nav to it might be better. I have never heard of Medion and don't know how well it would be supported by the aftermaket for things like batteries and cases etc.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Adam {P}
I have an IPAQ and have been toying with the idea for a long while of getting the Tom Tom stuff for it. Needless to say I haven't got it yet but I'm told that the Tom Tom is about 90 quid. I paid aboud £230 for my IPAQ quite a while ago so I'm guessing it's around 200 if that now.

Worth thinking about.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Imagos
As a sat-nav novice could you explain what tom-tom is? IPAQ? PDA?

I'm a bit thick.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Adam {P}
Imagos - I'm no expert myself but I'll explain as best I can. A PDA is a "Personal Digital Assistant", essentially a 'Pocket PC'.

IPAQ is just the model (above). There are others such as Palm etc.

Tom Tom is something you can get which basically, as I understand it, enables your IPAQ as a sat nav device so not only are you getting a pocket pc, you're getting sat nav too.

This is mine,

as you can see, fast out of date.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Stuartli
Tom Tom produces GPS and navigation software for mobile products.
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Aldi Sat Nav isback! - trancer
"As a sat-nav novice could you explain what tom-tom is? IPAQ? PDA?"

I am not an expert by any means but as I understand it..tom-tom is the name of a sat nav program often used on PDAs. A PDA (Personal Data Assitant?) is basically a small handheld laptop computer, usually with a version Windows and the usual computer stuff on it. IPAQ is Apple computer's version of a PDA.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - trancer
Thats what I am thinking adski, get a better known (and supported) PDA and just add my choice of navigation software. I could possibly get the PDA even cheaper if I source it from the USA. I have heard of speed camera location databases being loaded on PDAs so they essentially work as a Road Angel or Origin etc. That would be ideal, a PDA with full sat nav software and speed camera warning capabilites.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Adam {P}
Yes trancer - I've heard that. I would pay extra for the speed camera locator software too.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - jlo

Well I know a lot of people would prefer to pay the extra £££ for a compaq etc but bear in mind the median comes with a 3 year warantee and helpline.

My Dad also bought a Median Computer (Pentium 4) fully spec'd and had been very pleased.

I was very suspect of Aldi before but they do come out with some good products.

In fact earlier this year that Sat nav my father bought cost £269.99 from Aldi and the same Median Model in Halfords was £450 and the Halfords did not come with a syc cradle (Just a lead) where as aldi came with a sync cable.

Don't turn your noses up to quickly at this aldi offer.

Kind Regards

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - brad at apex
Hi I've just bought a medion MD 95000 from aldi, its great but I want a protective cover but the medion site doesn't list one even though they advertise one on a flyer in the box.
Any ideas??
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - pdcr
Just ordered one a few days a go online from Medionshop's German page. Email received from them today(in German of course!) confirming dispatch. The site doesn't take credit card details, however you appear to be able to pay COD. Alternatively, a cover for the Mio or Mitak Pocket PCs equally well since the hardware is identical!
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Aprilia
IPAQ is an HP brand name for their range of PDA's.

I have several PDA's, including a Medion and an IPAQ 2210. The Medion product appears to be a clone of the bottom of the range IPAQ 1920 (although the case is sllightly different). I have not seen the Aldi version, so don't know if its the same one as I have. My Medion PDA is great - had it about 10 months and no problems at all. Medion are a major German IT hardware retailer and have online shop in the UK and Germany. There might be more details of this product on the Medion UK website.

There are downloadable speed camera databases - there is a 'free' one and several 'subscription' ones. I don't use them personally, but I gather they have satisfied customers!
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - trancer
"IPAQ is an HP brand name for their range of PDA's."


Got them mixed up, thanks for the correction.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - pdcr
This model is identical to the NavMan Pocket PC that is sold by PC World for £399 except that it has twice as much on board RAM and more maps and accessories for £150 less - I think it's the best deal you'll find on the market so grab it when you get the chance. For the speed camera and other points of interest add on program check out - a small annual subscription gets you the full list.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Badger
Trancer -- If it helps, I'm typing this on my Medion PC. German-based (I think) multinational, they produce PCs and laptops under the Microstar label and supply PC World. I had recourse to their service people at Swindon once, when I did something silly, and found them positive and helpful. UK site at
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Stuartli
Aldi's Medion products are virtually all rebadged products from specialist manufacturers - Medion is not a manufacturer but a distributer (see for company policy).

There were one or two minor criticisms of the sav-nat system earlier this year - it's a rebadged Mitec product from Taiwan and is similar to some Hewlett Packard models, including the one my son uses - but these links may be of interest:

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Aldi Sat Nav isback! - jlo
Thanks for the review links Stuartli!


Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Stuartli
No problem. As you point out, Medion (Tevion is another name used) products are normally first class value for money, offering more for less as Medion merely rebadges specialist products and distributes them via arrangements with retailers such as Aldi.

It doesn't just apply to the UK - you'll find the technique used by Medion, Aldi and others throughout the continent and the States.

The sat-nav system is particularly useful for motorists as most will have realised.

By the way, the Gericom laptops Aldi occasionally sells are produced in Germany by the company of that name in contrast to most of the big brand name models, which are mostly rebadged versions from Taiwanese manufacturers such as Acer.
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Aldi Sat Nav isback! - LongDriver {P}
Looking at Adli's latest SatNav offering, the PocketPC appears visually to be a Mio 168 (well it's identical to the other half's which is next to me at the moment!), since it has built-in GPS receiver.

The Mio 168 is normally sold in the UK under the Mitac brand name(ie Mitac Mio 168).

For the record, it has a very good screen contrast and is good value for money, having the GPS receiver built in.
At £249 from Aldi complete with SatNav software and a 256MB SD card in with the price, I don't think you will get one for a better price.

Normally costs £249 on it's own.

NB the car kit is standard with the Mio 168, so the extra value you're getting is the SD card and the SatNav software.

To upgrade to TomTom would cost you another £85 ish.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - scotty
I nearly bought the aldi sat nav when it was on offer earlier this year. In the end I went for an HP IPAQ 2210 plus Tomtom and a wired (as opposed to Bluetooth) GPS module. Very pleased with it all - although I think the Aldi kit would have have been fine too.

If you've aleady got the PDA and want to add Tomtom or similar, remember that you'll also need a GPS module and a car cradle.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Adam {P}

what exactly did you buy and what was the rough cost?

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - NARU
I'm very tempted - just trying to choose between the Aldi offer, a PDA/Tom-tom based solution or the special offer at Costco this week (a Navman iCN620 for £382 incl VAT).

Will I have problems with the heated windscreen (2004 Mondeo)?

Any pointers to help the decision much appreciated!
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - LongDriver {P}
I have a few problems with the heated windscreen on my Galaxy - it does tend to reduce the number of satelleite signals which will lock-on.

On the Galaxy, this is solved by putting my (wired) Haicom GPS receiver near the edge of the windscreen, where there are no wiggly wires.

The other half has the Mitac Mio 168 described above, with built-in GPS receiver on a flap on the back. That won't get signals in my Galaxy unless I attach the (included) wired extension antenna and similarly place that at the edge of the windscreen. She uses it normally in her current-shap Vectra with no problems.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - frostbite
TomTom stuff often appears on eBay, usually in the 'general software' area.

Attracts a lot of bidders though, so don't know how much you'd save.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - DavidHM
The Aldi deal is very good if you want a PDA.

However if you have a contract mobile phone, either a Nokia 6600, Orange SPV E200 (like me) or the Vodafone equivalent, TomTom Mobile is even cheaper - around £180 - and has the full TomTom software more or less, except that it doesn't support displaying the actual speed and I haven't tried a speed camera database yet.

I'm very happy with mine because of the TomTom software and the low cost. The slow CPU compared to the PDAs isn't a problem at all. Above all I don't need to carry a PDA with me as well - my phone goes everywhere I do, just about, so it's no hassle at all for me to have it in the car.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Altea Ego
Re the Galaxty windscreen. The Goona has a non radio waves friendly screen. I use a gps re-radiating aerial to get round the problem.

Re the Aldi offer, its only draw back is the software, its not brilliant, but you can upgrade it to TOMTOM.

TomTom is better because it utilises an now almost industry standard POI database. Thats points of interest. This is now used by scores of people and amateurs to produce handy info to overlay on top of your GPS maps. One of these is of course a speed camera database.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - trancer
I seriously considered the Navman from Costco too, but when you think about it, the Navman will only give you satnav capabilities whereas a PDA can be upgraded with s************ sites ala Road Angel etc, plays MP3s and has all the other PDA functions, the Navman loses some of its appeal.

I don't know how much the speed camera software costs, but with a Navman going for £400, a dedicated speed camera system going for between £300-400 (and to have both operational would mean having a dashboard to rival a 747), a £200 PDA with upgrades seems a safer bet. You would have to spend close to £600 on PDA upgrades to arrive at the cost of a Navman and a speed camera system.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Adam {P}
Ok you've twisted my arm. I now want to make my IPAQ into a super duper GPS Sat Nav device. I've had a look on the Tom Tom website but I get a little lost. When I think I've found the right thing it merely says "Available from your local retailer".

I had a 2210 - what exactly will I need to turn it into a Sat Nav device?

Many thanks
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - DavidHM
The Bluetooth car kit and a car kit available from - QuickFind 060970 and 060211 - for a total of £211.93.

It's not compulsory but you may not be able to get the whole map on without a 256MB SD card, which would be another £16.36 for the generic card (56152).
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Adam {P}
Cheer David - most helpful.

Dear Santa Claus...
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - trancer
I found an online retailer with the tom-tom Navigator 3 software, wired GPS receiver and car kit for £136 and they were also offering a free speed camera database download with purchase. The wireless bluetooth GPS receiver bundle was the same price, but didn't list a car kit with it. So for £336 (adding price of a PDA) you get satnav, speed camera database and the usual PDA stuff. Thats at least £60 less than the cost of a Navman on its own and easily £400 less than a Navman and Road Angel. No brainer for me.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Lucian Deville
Do you pay a fee for using the services of GPS?

Thanks in advance.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - DavidHM
Do you pay a fee for using the services of GPS?

No, but you may have to pay for periodic updates so that the satnav knows when that new street/roundabout etc. is built and doesn't tell you to drive straight on.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Lucian Deville
Thanks. always thought about getting one - looks tempting, but still not sure. May treat myself at christmas or when we change our car in March.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - none
Certainly some bargains in Aldi stores. (End of line, I always thought) The way the goods are displayed is a bit weird though.
The local branch often has cheap chainsaws / compressors placed between the fruit and veg counter and the ladies underwear offers. The other 'mechanical' stuff might be a couple of aisles away, and there you find punnets of strawberrys and loaves of bread mixed up with the gloves, hats, and electric drills.
All of the expensive gear is placed near the checkout - hardly an impulse buy. I can't see shoplifting being the problem as once in the store the only way out is through the checkout. Is it just the local store finding space where they can, or a marketing ploy that goes over my head.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - David Horn
The Medion is actually a Pocket PC, so you could stick Tom-Tom software on it if you want. I don't have personal experience with it, but a friend who bought one is very impressed.

Also, you get 5 year warranties with it which you don't get with an iPAQ. Even better, you can play games on them by[shameless plug]visiting[/shameless plug]
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Adam {P}
True - although strictly speaking, you can play games on the IPAQ. At least, that's what I do during lectures!
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - scotty

Sorry I didn't get back sooner regarding exactly what I bought. I think others have replied with more upto date info and prices. I basically bought a package including an IPAQ 2210, a wired GPS, Tomtom version 3 (make sure you get this version) and Tomtom bespoke car cradle for the 2210 (on the pricey side but fits it like a glove).

I've seen reviews about the bluetooth GPS module having interference problems in cars. The wired module was (at the time) cheaper. It's been totally reliable. Besides, you'll probably want to wire in the bluetooth version so that it charges up in the car.

If you want the full UK maps installed you'll need a memory card. If you want the European maps too better make that a 256M card. If you're using a 2210 with the two slots, I think it best to use a compact flash card and leave the SD slot available for other applications - that's what I did anyway, but that's because my cameras use SD cards.

If you want a free speed camera database, I use both the PocketGPS database and the checkPOInt databases - both free - see their websites for details. checkPOInt software (free!) handles both databases when used with Tomtom.

If you use the software which comes with the Aldi package you'll need a different POI handler (POI-Warner) to use a speed camera database, but it's quite cheap at around 15 Euros.

I hope that of some help.

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - scotty
Oh, yes - I should also add that using the earlier version (2) of checkPOInt seems to be the best thing to do. Version 3 does some auto-synchronisation stuff which is a hassle.

Plus you'll need some sound files to act as warnings. I donwloaded some from somewhere and made some on a Bell text to voice demo website.

All this (and loads more) is on the PocketGPS site - well worth a read if you're serious about going down this route - lots about the Aldi package too.

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Adam {P}
Thanks very much for that Les - that is most helpful. I think I'm going to get the sytem you have. I'll get the wired system because you get the free car holder with it.

Many thanks again
Aldi Sat Nav isback re. Geocache - DougC
I am a complete novice and a bit thick - however I have recently bought MD95000 from Aldi. Read an article on Geocache which loked interesting - is it possible to input co-ordinates such as latitude and longtitude or do I need additional software or a different product?

Thanks in anticipation
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - MarkSmith
Scotty (or anyone else who has this),

The marketing bumf says it comes with a kit for cycles or motorcycles and a splash-proof puch. Do you have these? Could you comment on how suitable they'd be - for example can you have it in the splash-proof pouch, mounted on the motorcycle kit, and use it (press buttons, see it, hear it/plug in headphones) all at the same time?

Would be useful for bike tours if it could be made not susceptible to rain.

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Altea Ego
It will be utterly utterly useless for bike work. Dont forget this is primarily a pocket PC adapted for use as a SatNav. Hence its user interface is desighned for in your palm use.

It will be hard to see, hard to operate the buttons, and at best you might get usefull directions by use of a headphone.

As a Motorbike tool it would only be useful as a "stop, gloves off and check where I am" device.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - scotty
I agree - I wouldn't want to be using one of these on a bike.

Although the button thing isn't really that serious, because once Tomtom is running, the "buttons" are fairly chunky icons on the touch sensitive screen. A gloved finger would struggle though. Besides, once you've programmed in your journey, there's very little interaction required, if any. Just follow the voice instructions.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - trancer
I know of one biker who uses a PDA/GPS system and he is pleased with it. He has a tank bag with a clear top pocket and the unit fits in there and stays dry. He uses a headphone for the voice instructions and also plays MP3s through the headphones when he doesn't need the voice output from the satnav. No you can't fiddle the knobs with gloves on, but I imagine that if you set your destination correctly the unit guides you to it without the need for too much manipulation?.

He had a quick review of his experiences with it on a motorcycle forum I frequent, I will see if I can dig it up and post it.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Stuartli
>>(End of line, I always thought)>>

No, it's brand new and, in the case of computer systems, sat-nav etc the latest specs - only difference is that you pay less because Medion, Tevion etc rebadges specialist manufacturers' products. Hence no big factory, wages costs etc, merely distribution and support services provision.
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Aldi Sat Nav isback! - PaulSB
Hi all, first post on here.

A friend suggested I read this thread as I'm very interested in the Aldi deal. Do I take it that those with a lot more knowledge than I think this is a generally very good deal?
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Aprilia
I have a couple of GPS set ups. The one I like best is:

BC-307 CF-card GPS receiver (bought on Ebay for £24.50!!)
Dashboard centre-vent SmartClip and Brodit holder for the IPAQ

The thing I like about this set-up is that there is only one wire (from the IPAQ to the cig lighter socket). The GPS receiver just plugs into the CF slot and makes a handy single unit. It can also be used outside the car on the IPAQ battery for navifgation on foot. I get 5-8 satellites through the windscreen.

I've had a Bluetooth GPS, but you have to remember to charge the batteries and there can be problems with signal drop out, which is a pain on long journeys. Wired receivers work well, but then you have extra wires trailing about.

When I park the car I simply slide the IPAQ/GPS unit up out of the cradle and put it in the centre armrest 'cubbyhole' to keep it out of sight.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - SjB {P}
> I have a couple of GPS set ups. The one I like best is: ...etc...

Interesting to read thanks, Aprilia.

Much the same as I am poised to buy (HP2210 plus Brodit centre vent kit for the V70), though am weighing up whether to spend 100 notes on the Syson Chip CS Plus GPS receiver, or buy the cheaper BC-307. Both are CF cards, but what I like about the Syson is that apart from superb GPS performance, it also functions as a 256MB memory card, too. The best of all worlds, but pricey.

GPS tech review (original spec without 256MB memory option):
More info:

Finally, although I particularly want an Ipaq 2210, for those after pure PDA/satnav convenience, there is now the Mitac 168 with built in GPS receiver and preloaded TomTom3 or CoPilot5 that is receiving good reviews. A sample:
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - SjB {P}
> Finally, although I particularly want an Ipaq 2210, for those after pure PDA/satnav convenience, there is now the Mitac 168 with built in GPS receiver and preloaded TomTom3 or CoPilot5 that is receiving good reviews.

Just had time to read this thread from the start, and see that the Aldi deal appears to be a rebadged Mitac 168. All the better to buy it at that price, though I'm still going the Ipaq 2210 route.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Altea Ego

If you dont already have a PockePC or Palm, and dont expect to make too much heavyweight or power use of it as a stand alone pocket PC, or you dont expect to be too demanding and picky about your sat nav, then yes its a very very good deal and given the two proviso's I mentioned you couldnt do better for less.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Bollybird
Does anybody know if this system will search with postcodes, and if it goes all the way to the 8th digit
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - scotty
Does anybody know if this system will search with postcodes, and
if it goes all the way to the 8th digit

Can't say for certain whether the Aldi kit will. I doubt it. Tomtom will only do it for partial poastcodes at the current release.

But .... there is a guy who has developped a (free) addon for Tomtom which adds the full postcode database to the map data so you can get more or less door to door navigation using the full postcode.

Sorry to bang on about Tomtom, but it is worth pointing out that it allows for integration with the PocketPC contact manager, which itself can syncrhonise with Outlook and its contact database. What do this mean? It means that if you have addresses and/or postcodes in the Outlook they will appear in your contact list on the PDA. You can select a contact and show a Tomtom map of their location or simply select navigate to. has more on this.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - pdcr
Yes, it does search for postcodes, but only for the first part of it, which is usually good enough to give you a good start. Beyond that it will give you a choice of road names within that postcode and pinpoint to the house number in many (but not all) cases. My experience so far is that it's a pretty good product, but it does come up with some rather oddball verbal instructions at times!
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Citroënian {P}
>>Hi all, first post on here.

Welcome to the backroom, be sure to post some more!

In my humble opinion, it looks like a good deal. Other setups may do more but cost more. Seems to me you'll not go too far wrong with the Aldi satnav.

Having a Fabialous time.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Rebecca {P}
Just bought this for Mr R for Christmas - thanks for all the info here and links to other reviews.

Anyone thinking of going to may have to ask a member of staff (on the till) to get you a box 'out the back' as they aren't piled up with the rest of the special offers.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Flying Red
Bought mine this morning. Was held up by road works and didn't get to Aldi until 9.15. I saw a few people leaving with their satnavs but couldn't see them anywhere amongst the "specials." I did about 4 circuits of the shop then found an assistant who led me to the tills. Sorted!

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - LeCoop
I'm very tempted - just trying to choose between the Aldi
offer, a PDA/Tom-tom based solution or the special offer at Costco
this week (a Navman iCN620 for £382 incl VAT).
Will I have problems with the heated windscreen (2004 Mondeo)?
Any pointers to help the decision much appreciated!

Just bought the Aldi version... I can confirm that it is a re-badged Mitac 168, which has received very good reviews on the web.

Software is Medion's own Navigator v4, which seems well up to date, e.g. It knows about the M6 Toll Road. Lots of additional maps too on CDs, which allowed me to plot a route to a street in Cologne. I daresay that TomTom is a better system, but this software talked me right to the doorstep and that's good enough at this price.

It was a bit keen a couple of times... on a large traffic island, as I took the exit it thought I had taken the next one and tried to put me back on track immediately... otherwise, when I went off-piste deliberately, it took less than 15secs to react and provide new instructions... excellent.

As for your Mondeo, I have a Jag X-Type with heated screen, with no problems whatsoever.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - jimwillshire
I've just bitten the bullet & bought one, seems very good so far - can anyone recommend software that I might use to plot walking routes for the UK on OS maps that I might be able to follow? I hope I might also be able to locate myself using the GPS & get a grid reference out as well? Preferably freeware?!

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - redafour
Do you think there will be any left tomorrow? the reason I ask is that unlike some backroomers I have to be at work on a thursday! a bind I know lol!.Ah well I`ll have a look on friday afternoon and maybe next time they might time the offer to open on a weekend to give us all a chance.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Dynamic Dave
Do you think there will be any left tomorrow?

When LIDL had a similar offer earlier this year, they had sold out within minutes of opening. People queuing up at the doors before opening time apparantly.
maybe next time they might time the offer to open on a weekend to give us all a chance.

Fraid not. ALDI non food offers always begin on a Thursday.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Rebecca {P}
They had plenty at my local Aldi at lunchtime yesterday. It doesn't look like you can telephone the individual store to see if they have any left though.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Galaxy
No, you can't telephone an individual store, because they don't publish their telephone numbers. However, if you go in and speak nicely to a member of staff, they may well be willing to call the other Aldi stores in the area for you!

I did this last year when I wanted to buy one of their laptop computers. In the end they couldn't locate one so they let me order one. OK but it took about 6 weeks to arrive, though. They might let you order a Sat Nav in the same way, perhaps?

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - rtj70
Not free but I can recommend Memory Map ( ) for OS Maps on the PDA and PC. Will do what you want and more.

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Altea Ego

I hope they dont use their own software. Go to the Aldi web site, Click on find an aldi store, current location as Staines Middx, and its says that the Norwich branch is 15 miles away.

Ask for directions and it then takes you to Edgeware!
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Citroënian {P}
jimwillshire>>Walking routes

Memory Map is an excellent (but not cheap) bit of software that will do this. We use the better map version of the Lake District and it works very well, both with the XDA2 (bit clumsy with the bluetooth satnav), the Garmin eTrex Vista is brilliant.

IIRC, you can download a trial version or they used to send you a sample CD if you ask.

Having a Fabialous time.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Citroënian {P}
Just noticed I've repeated Rob's advice. D'oh!
Having a Fabialous time.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - imagedktr
for those of you who havent been able to get hold of Aldis special offer of a sat nav mio 168 for £240 (ish) there is a place online who i use on a regular basis (every week) that sell them at £299.99 inc vat they are at . i hope this is of some help to anyone unlucky enough to not get the aldi deal.
oh yes i havent got one i have no ned of one but a close friend of mine brought one from novatech b4 Aldi did this offer and it is a great piece of kit.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - DavidHM
Toys 'R' Us have it at £299.99 too.
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Pinza
Bought mine at Aldi Rugby (Hillmorton) branch on Thursday evening. Much moaning from queue behind me as cashier had to shut down till to go and find said product for me...

Just had a 'testdrive' with it this afternoon - worked perfectly and am well impressed for the price!

Limited documentation - very much a learn by trial-and-error process.

Only problems I have noticed on my limited test are:

1) On my drive round the Warks/Northants borders, the Crick bypass (near M1 jn18) wasn't recognised - despite being open for well over a year (since I moved to the area - and possibly longer). I was, however, impressed that the software recognised when I rejoined its route and took me correctly on from there without trying to route me back to the point where I deviated from the recommended route.

2) It helps to know the postcode of your destination - I tried to enter Birmingham Airport and got knowhere fast. In theory the software will recognise partial elements of your typed destination, but typing 'airport' only came up with a very limited number of options - many of them obscure airstrips rather than major international airports!

3) My parents live in Porthmadog, NW Wales. Entering Porthmadog as a destination will find the town but no street entries. Their postcode is LL48 9.. - this is not an option as a destination. However, entering LL48 6 as a destination is accepted (a much smaller neighbouring community of Penrhyndeudraeth several miles to the east) and from here a street search will bring up the major streets of Porthmadog!

Conclusio: Early days yet - but even given the above gripes this has to be a bargain - buy one now while stocks last!

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Pinza
Quick PS to my previous post - a rather annoying point I forgot to mention!

Check where your cigarette lighter socket is relation to your gear lever - the cigarette lighter transformer is quite large and in my case (Citroen Saxo) the protuding power cable is very close to the gear lever and slightly hampers selection of 1st gear...

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - NowWheels
in my case (Citroen Saxo) the protuding power cable is very
close to the gear lever and slightly hampers selection of 1st

Surely real Saxo drivers never go slowly enough to use first gear ;-)
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Pinza
Surely real Saxo drivers never go slowly enough to use first
gear ;-)

Only when test driving PDA/GPS setups for the first time ;)
Aldi Sat Nav isback! - mczee101
Bought one of the aldi deals, looked at the tom tom software and got it installed on my medion but i cannot get the gps to work with the tom tom software does anyone know the driver that i need to make it work?

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Devchef1
Hi did you sort your issue out with getting Tomtom to work ?

if not let me know and I will explain how to do it.

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - dave7037
Hi I also have the new Medion from Aldi and have installed Tomtom 3 software, but cannot get the gps to work.

Do you know how to get it working?

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Devchef1

Go to the GPS screen in Tomtom and make sure the following are selected: Tomtom Wireless GPS and seria cable on SP2 and ensure the box to the left is ticked:

This should work

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - dave7037
Hi Mike
Thanks for your help with getting Tomtom navigator 3 to work with the new Aldi Medion PDA.

I have understood everything you said except one thing, and that is where you say "set the serial cable on sp2".
I do not seem to have an sp2 I only have the following.

S2410 IRDA2410
S2410 COM1

So can you please tell me if it one of these as I am quite new to this and am still learning.

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - Devchef1

I have never seen these options before .

Need to check a few things firstly are you sure you have version 3 of Tomtom. To check this start Tomtom and go to the map screen. the file/about this will tell you what version you have.

Second. You also need to disable the GPS that medion installed? to check this go start/setting/systems/medion utility. Then select the GPS tab make sure the three tick boxes are unticked and the top grey box read Enable GPS.

Then go back to the GPS screen in Tomtom
and systematicly go throught the connection options
My settings are Tomtom wireless GPS reciver on serial cable on 2
Thn make sure the tick box is ticked , then make sure d m.m is checked and MPH is checked.
Underneah this is a symbol of a pda make sure the slide bar is all the way to the right and there is a pair of hands on the symbol PDA not a couple of ZZZ this is how you activate the TOMTOM gps.
Use the Status tab at the bottom of this screen and check that there is a black line going from the Sat symbol and the pda.
if there is not the n select a different option in the second pull down box.

Hope this helps

Aldi Sat Nav isback! - peter_d
hi this is my first message as just registered.
i bought my kit from aldi teesside park in cleveland. with regards to the poor instruction manual go to the following site. you can download a manual in pdf format, its for the mitac 168 its the same pocket pc as the medion 95000. still looking for the mapping software manual though
Aldi Sat Nav is back! - doctorf
I missed the last one at Aldi last week! If anyone wants to sell me theirs please e-mail me at

Thanks a lot

Simon F
Aldi Sat Nav is back! - Aprilia
The software that Aldi supply is from Navigon ( Navigon is a major player in Europe (they are based in Hanover IIRC).
Navigon will do you a full upgrade to their 'pan-European' package (street level maps for the whole of Western Europe on about 7 CD's). You have to send your old ('Aldi') discs back and make a payment of 99Euros (about £70) via Credit Card. There is a form (in English) with all the details on their website. You can also upgrade from any other gps software for the same price - but you must send them the original software.

There are basically only two companies that provide mapping data (NavTeq and Mapquest) - Navigon use the former and TomTom the latter. Both have a certain number of errors.
I use both Navigon Navigator 4 and TomTom - I wouldn't say one is especially better than the other, although TomTom uses more attractive display colours.

The GPS driver to use with the Medion & TomTom is, I suspect, NEMA - 2, 4800 baud.
Aldi Sat Nav is back! - pontman57
At last someone who knows what they are talking about. I am very pleased with my Aldi GPS but I could do with a decent carry case, the one supplied is very bulky and is probably for use only on a cycle. Also, can anyone tell me whether speed camera alert software can be used with the thing?

Aldi Sat Nav is back! - johnboyx
I bought one of these last week, considering the price it's quite impressive.
I was looking for a speed camera warning system, and found "POI Warner" for Medion Navigator 4, this can be downloaded from (POI = Point of Interest).
It's 29.90 Euros to register the software. You than have to download your required POI overlay maps from another website, There are hundreds of these, e.g. from Saab dealers to Swimming pools. Quite a few of the overlays are free, but as you would expect this is not so for speed cameras. To subscribe it's not too expensive at 12 Euros per year, which includes automatic updates every time you connect your Medion to the internet via your PC. The audible warning is in English but with a German accent, but there is an option to supply your own sound files if you prefer.
Aldi Sat Nav is back! - Aprilia
Yup, POIWarner works fine with Navigator 4.

There is a free speed camera database downloadable from the pocketgps site ( ) - it includes all kinds of cameras/GATSO and is updated a couple of times a year. I've never used it, but a colleague has and seems to think its OK.
Aldi Sat Nav is back! - pontman57
Many thanks for the info. I now have POI Warner plus Speedcamera info from the same site. Yes they did cost a little but they do work very well. For the first time in my life I am looking for speed cameras. If anyone is interested I've ordered a decent leather case from for £19. It hasn't arrived yet but I am hoping..................

Free speed camera data base - Coll
Sounds interesting. I had a look on site but was unable to identify the software you mentioned. Would it be possible to be more precise to the actual download as there appears to be several to choose from.
Many thanks
Free speed camera data base - pontman57
The software was purchased from My teenage son, who is more of a wizz than me, sorted it all out very quickly. It still works very well!
The case has now been received from - it fits the Medion 95000 perfectly and is reccommended.

Aldi Sat Nav is back! - Coll
I have recently bought the Medion 95000 from aldi, Great bit of kit. Does just what it says on the box. For those interested the PDA is a rebadged Mitac Mio 168. Search the net for reviews under this name, brilliant reviews, quality bit of kit. You can actually buy a mitac car GPS on the net for £230.00.
Aldi Sat Nav is back! - Justme
If anybody wants to load on the s************ software to there new Adli 95000 GPS then have a look at this web site.

Aldi Sat Nav is back! - LongDriver {P}
Try for an alternative spped camera package.

Costs £79 for first year and then £49 per year thereafter, but I have found it excellent and will be renewing my subscription next month.
Forget Aldi, you can now get a Tom Tom - JohnX
Saw this offer in Staples
They have what a complete sat nav kit with a HP Ipaq
(17something or other) , Wired TomTom GPS and car kit for the very
reasonable price of £269.99.

I have been using Tom Tom for 2 years now-Reccommend it over all the other GPS software.But support is NON Existent!
Forget Aldi, you can now get a Tom Tom - matrix1
got the aldi package, all's great, but missing the companion disc (medion state 28 day min delivery)
now have the Tom Tom 3 on a 512mb card all appears ok on the insall side but cannot get the GPS to work. i have gone into settings and changed it about but still no luck.
can anyone point me in the right direction.
Forget Aldi, you can now get a Tom Tom - Aprilia
Have you installed the TomTom GPS driver?

If so, then go into the GPS program and set it to 'NMEA 4800 baud' - its on Comm 1, I think.
Forget Aldi, you can now get a Tom Tom - matrix1
go there in the end
NMEA 0183v2 4800 & Serial Cable on SP2:
you need to wait for up to 30mins for it to find the sats in the sky. the tt3 is not as user friendly as the medion 4 in my opinion, its a lot more involved. all i need now is to find out how to get OS memory map for my area to work and the a which speed trap software i can use. (another month of hair pulling to look forward to!!)
Forget Aldi, you can now get a Tom Tom - JohnX
Tom tom 3 hasnt been as good as the previous software release.i.e ?2.26(or is it 2.24).If you are having problems with it,try the previous version.
Less bugs , hardly ever crashes and takes up less CPU power.

Tried upgrading to version 3,however went back to version 2.26 in a hurry!
Forget Aldi, you can now get a Tom Tom - Big John
To add speed camera locations to TomTom, CoPilot etc... go to
Forget Aldi, you can now get a Tom Tom - Devchef1
In the GPS screen of TOMTOM make sure the following are selected . Tom tom Wireless GPS & serial cable on SP2 and eusure the box to the left is Ticked,

Also below on the same screen you will see a PDA icon make sure the slide bar is all the way to the right. This setting does work I have set up approx 10 Medion/mitac168 with Tomtom and this setting works perfectly.

Also you must ensure that you have the GPS turned on in the Medion utility screen ( find it in Settings/systems)

Lidl are doing a sat Nav Bundle - Devchef1
Hi just seen this in my local lidl , thought it may be of intrest to the ppl who missed out on the Aldi offer, seems to be a rebadged Mitac 168 with the same car kit as the Aldi version, no idea what the soft ware is like?.
Lidl are doing a sat Nav Bundle - NARU
Due to be £190 at the BT advent sale on Fri 10th ...

HP iPAQ rz1710 Pocket PC plus Tom Tom wired GPS

Lidl are doing a sat Nav Bundle - SjB {P}
Although more expensive, if you have a camera that uses CF cards such as the Canon A80 that I use, consider doing as I have just done and buying the Ipaq 2210. This is the smallest PDA to come with a CF card slot as well as the normal SD slot.

When my wife and I travel to see her parents abroad, we will now be able to take a compact, virtual, photo album away with us (upload pictures from computer back on to a CF card), instead of taking a heavy pile of normal albums, or having to squint at the small camera screen like we have done until now. When taking photos whilst travelling, it will also now be convenient to have a look at them when back at the hotel.

Additionally, the SysOnChip Xtrac II GPS receiver not only fits directly in to the CF card slot (and is smaller than the large floppy plate on the Aldi/Mitac 168 jobby), but also doubles up as a 256 or 512MB storage card.

When it comes to software, I've gone for TomTom3 on the grounds of its ease of use. My wife will also use it when working in the community (she is a midwife), and expressed her preference for this software on these grounds, too.

All up is about 400 notes, but if CF flexibility outweighs keeping cost to an absolute minimum, to my mind this setup is worth it.

I was extremely impressed with the depth of knowledge, and time devoted to me, of the pre sales lady at who helped me. Their prices were also competitive, so they got my business. Speed of delivery turned out to be good, too.
Lidl are doing a sat Nav Bundle - Mapmaker
#190... very tempting.

BUT, does it have the capability for receiving Tom Tom Traffic?

On Tom Tom mobile, the TT Traffic information comes in via GPRS. An IPAQ without Bluetooth presumably therefore doesn't have this capability?

Lidl are doing a sat Nav Bundle - Altea Ego
Good grief mappy

you have suddenly become very knowledgeable, three weeks ago you didnt know the difference between a mobile phone and a sat nav!
Lidl are doing a sat Nav Bundle - NARU
Anyone thinking of buying the BT deal today, will find that BT have put up the price (before) discount from £270 to £330. On asking on a couple of other forums, they've been doing this on a number of their 'advent' items.

I'm not impressed! I've tried calling them (no answer then get cut off) and emailing them (keep getting an error message!).
Lidl are doing a sat Nav Bundle - Altea Ego

Thats no deal, Its a rip off, it was far cheaper than that yesterday,
Lidl are doing a sat Nav Bundle - No Do$h
Staples are doing a promotion on that model at the moment, although the price escapes me right now.

Why on earth can't Staples have a proper website? Totally beyond me....
Lidl are doing a sat Nav Bundle - tack
Staples = £299 for the Tom Tom
Lidl are doing a sat Nav Bundle - NARU
"Thank you for your email regarding the BT Advent promotion.
BT retail prices are influenced by supply costs and market conditions, products and prices may change on a daily basis. The future 30% discount promotions in the advent calendar have not yet been published on the site, each one is published on the day and are not available until they are published. Each offer is valid only for one day and the discount applies to
the price of that product on that day.

Yours sincerely

Lynne Paramanis"

Yeah right! The cost of buying them in from their suppliers put the price up from £270 to £330 just at the moment they were bringing the advent offer in! They must think we're mugs!
Lidl are doing a sat Nav Bundle - SjB {P}
On Tom Tom mobile, the TT Traffic information comes in via GPRS. An IPAQ without Bluetooth presumably therefore doesn't have this capability?

The iPAQ 2210 is Bluetooth enabled, and from what I have read on the boxes (which I'm banned from opening until 25th!) and the web, I believe that the TomTom traffic service will work.(though I don't intend using the service, so this was not a point that I actually proved before purchase)
need a good carry case - matrix1
got the aldi package, installed TT3 and a full postcode search so a happy bunny todate.
BE WARNED the screen scratches so i have got some protectors and have ordered some anti glare ones to try as well. but i would like a good quality holder for when its in my pocket.
any ideas ???
i did find a site in hong kong which cost $72hc but i cannot find it again
need a good carry case - pontman57
Where did you get the screen protector from? I've spent ages looking on the web without success. Very good quality Krusell cases can be bought - it fits the Medion 95000 perfectly and is reccommended.

after 4 months - caerwnon
I've been using my Aldi Medion 95000 for 4 months in my car and on my motorcycle (using the supplied kit) and am over the moon with it.

To use it on the bike I fitted a cigar lighter under the seat.

I have also installed tomtom3, but to be quite honest, I prefer the Medion version, you get better audio warnings.

Where do I get the postcode add-on for tomtom3?
after 4 months - martint123
Sadly the free postcode tools for tomtom3 have been withdrawn as the Ordnance Survey say they are theirs.

I suspect if you google around a bit you may find a site mirroring them somewhere.


p.s. I use it on a bike as well - tucked into shirt pocket with the earbud headphones - works extremely well. mio 168 that is.

after 4 months - Aprilia
Sadly the free postcode tools for tomtom3 have been withdrawn as
the Ordnance Survey say they are theirs.

What a shame this is gone - I use it and its really handy. I didn't realise that Ordnance Survey owned the post codes.
after 4 months - Altea Ego
Hold on The Post Office own post codes! several customer service companies i know had to buy them from the Post Office.
after 4 months - martint123
I think it may be O/S who own the copyright for mapping the postcodes to lat/long and P/O for the street name.
after 4 months - Altea Ego
after 4 months - VTiredeyes
ok, what shall i do?
post a new topic or carry on from here?

im now in the market for a sat system.
would like as cheap as possible.
i have had a look at some of the links.
too many too choose from.
would like the 3d look software.
inbuilt gps module
arm thing to stick to windscreen.
need just one cable to fagg lighter.
not bothered with pocket pc software, dont want to run word/excel/outlook
might be worth it if i can upload pictures from my fuji camera, though via usb.
not bothered with pda, but....
would i need one?, as i want to be able to save different locations.
and also put on speed camera database.
then i could sell my roadangel.
after 4 months - Altea Ego
If you dont want or need a PDA

You want one of the TomTom Go or Navman ICNxxx series.

Of the two TomTom GO would suit you, model depends on how much you wanna spend and if you need Europe street level maping.,

TomTom go will store addresses/Locations (import them from PC) and accept POI (camera locations)

Simple as that really
after 4 months - OAP
ok, what shall i do?
post a new topic or carry on from here?

As I was recently in exactly the same position as you, may I humbly suggest you have a look at:

Also, be sure to look at:

No need for pda...Tom Tom saves each route so that you all you have to do is to go to the index and select the one you want to revisit.

Somewhere on this:, I noticed that someone is offering TTG 300 at £339.
strange happenings - caerwnon
I was driving along with the navigation system telling where to turn when I noticed the voice instructions were out of sync with the map. The nice lady was getting confused and telling me to turn right in 100 yards and the repeating the instruction again just after I had taken the right turn. She was also saying "kilometres" instead of miles.

Had she been drinking, taking prescription drugs or just a typical female who finds map reading difficult.

Tried again a couple of hours later and she had got her act together.

Ask Honest John

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