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UK specs? - Philippe

I am going to buy a new Renault Scenic with either Virgin car or Trade Sales of Slough.

I tried to convince my local dealer to match their offer but he instead started to warn me about the danger of buying import cars.

So my questions are:
What does full UK specs means?

Does an import car with "uk specs" is the same as if it was bought in the UK or is it only a minimum requirement?

The dealer was also warning me that some import do not have under sealing depending where they are built! Is that true that? He cited Scenic bought from Cyprus as being very bad for that!

And finally, how can I find where a specific car is build? I know that Renault has factory in France and SPain but where else?

I hope that this is not too many questions and also I am sorry for my poor english ( I am only french :)

Best Regards

Philippe Le Toquin
Re: UK specs? - Honest John
Philippe has already had an answer from me.

Re: UK specs? - Philippe

I am sorry. I indeed received an answer from you. I just didn't read it :(

What happened is I received an e-mail which I have mistaken for an automatic answer from a mail server.

I then read the first line which were telling me I could get lots of info if I was writing to the forum on your web site!

I didn't carry on reading so I missed your answer!

Sorry about that and thanks for your answer. I will contact them and asked them where the car was build and what exact specs I will get!

Thank you very much

Re: UK specs? - Keith
"Philippe has already had an answer from me."

Why not share it with all of us ?
Re: UK specs? - K
Have you tried I bought a UK supplied Scenic from them at great discount and got three yrs manufacturers warranty.
Re: UK specs? - Keith
Trade Sales prices are usually very good but you need to get hold of the Renault brochure and check every detail of the spec i.e. equipment yourself. Don't rely on what the salesman says as they tend not to know - not surprising perhaps when they're selling a vast range of makes/models. Beware that you may only get one key, may not get a service book (which could cause warranty problems) and if you get a handbook it probably won't be in English - French would be a bonus for you I assume.

A point which is difficult to check - the 1 year warranty may commence when the car was exported which could be some months ago. Easy to check with a Renault dealer after purchase of course.

The list of cars on their web site is not up to date (although their newly designed site may be better) and, if you phone, my experience is that they say cars are in stock but when you get there they're not.

If the car is supplied from an EEC country, you shouldn't need to worry about underseal etc.

Why not do the import yourself using say a Renault dealer in or near Calais (or Ostend) ? It's not difficult and most dealers are very familiar with sourcing RHD cars for export. You'll save more money, will get service book and handbook in English and will have a full year's warranty or 2 years if you wait until 2002.

Re: UK specs? - K
Keith, it seems to me you are promoting trade sales of slough its funny because I have just done a quick exercise got a price from trade sales for Renault Scenic 1.6 16v Dynamique £12800 got one from broker4cars £11920 via Renault UK direct.
Re: UK specs? - Keith
I certainly didn't intend to promote Trade Sales but Philippe mentioned them and I listed some of the potential problems based on my experience with them. Given a good price, I would prefer to purchase from a UK main dealer and broker4cars often have great deals, particularly on cars subject to deep discounting in the UK which includes all the French makers. Your prices prove the point and, I suspect that in this case it would not be worth importing from France or Belgium. Now, if we were talking about BMWs or MB...the situation would be different.

Re: UK specs? - KB
Keith is right in all respects. Although Virgin do apparently give you the equivalent of the full Manufacturers Warranty, whereas M/Point don't. Don't forget the wait if you order it direct or from Virgin. M/Point - no wait.

The Renault dealer in Ostend is AUTOBEDRIJF VERMEIRE N.V. Tel. 003259 705147 Speak to Kas. (Half a mile from Ferry) UK Dealers are often keen to discount heavily - shop around. Renaults are not renowned for holding value too well so discount is important.
Re: UK specs? - KB
Phillipe, perhaps you'd be better off at broker4cars, if you're not too certain about spec's and import procedures etc. Seems like the easy option to me.
Re: UK specs? - Honest John
In answer to Keith, because Philippe sent me a private e-mail, then copied it to The Backroom. If someone sends me a private e-mail, my reply to them is also private unless I choose to publish it. It is, after all, my copyright and what I make a living from.

But you guys, especially K, have done the job for Philippe that The Backroom is supposed to do. I just wish he hadn't wasted my time.

Re: UK specs? - crazed idiot
you need to put a copyright statement on your emails...
which i dont think you do ?
otherwise morally and legally and practically its fair game
or just a polite "please ask permission before wider circulation"
Re: UK specs? - T lucas
Is it because you are French you want to buy a Renault?
Re: UK specs? - Philippe
Well I am amazed at the efficiency of all of you!

I guess this is the all point of forum like that.

I just wish I didn't waste the time of anyone. I am sorry if you feel that way.
I just missed your answer. I am not used to see an answer mixed within a question. Sorry!

Anyway thanks to everyone for their answers. I will be in touch with broker4cars. They seems to be perfect for me. I indeed don't have the confidence to import a car myself.

And no I am not buying Renault because I am french. It is the perfect size for me and my family.

Plus you see so many of them around that all the english buying them can't all be wrong ;)

Re: UK specs? - ChrisR
Crazed Idiot wrote:

>you need to put a copyright statement on your emails...
>which i dont think you do ?
>otherwise morally and legally and practically its fair game
>or just a polite "please ask permission before wider circulation"

No, you don't need a copyright statement. Anything you write is your intellectual property as long as you can prove it originates with you (not always easy), and you haven't signed away your right to a third party. If someone uses it and doesn't acknowledge the source (or pay royalty if applicable) they can be sued. Of course in the vast majority of cases, going to law would be pointless, but in a case where a piece of advice, or any other kind of writing, could be given a value, and that value (over and above the benefit of following the advice) was realised by the thief, the writer would be justified in being a little ticked off, and a court might agree. It's a bit like being given a company car: you get the benefit of using it, but it's not yours to sell.


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