Rover quest- day 2 - chris webster
Now then Rover boffins/owners. Last night's desire for 214/414 info met with informative responses _ thanks.

Tonight, crazy guy that I am -I'm focussed in the local paper on a 620i , (which I believe has Honda power plant.) - seems worth a look at £1999.( Year- 1996) . described as excellent condition. though not phoned/ checked mileage etc. yet. Just about within my budget too!
However the presence of a tow bar might denote a 'worked to death case '! This area is rural so might have spent every wakening hour attached to a horse box!
Whilst this is a departure from last nights modest inclinations. I'm really missing my previous( larger) car with good room for storage etc. - The bar would also be useful in fact. What about economy/insurance particularly ? Shared experiences appreciated.
Re: Rover quest- day 2 - Diesel Dave
Had 618iL for a while as a company car - very comfortable and good to drive was reliable and could not really fault it - although I had a Citroen Xantia TD before which seemed better insulated - eg you could hear gravel being thrown up and hitting the underside of the Rover which you couldn't in the Citroen.

drive it and if it doesn't seem too sloppy then it may be a decent buy - even if it's been used for towing it shouldn't be knackered.
1996 620i - David Lacey
Even the 618 is OK. Autos are nice and reliable too. Power Steering racks can squeak. ABS modulators and HP pumps on pre 96 cars are unreliable and VERY EXPENSIVE!
1996 620i - David Lacey
The 620i does indeed have a Honda engine - it shares many components with the Honda Accord. It is capable of withstanding high mileages. Comfy seats and a nice interior (even if it is a bit plasticy)
Make sure the power windows work OK. The regulators are renowned for failing and the window pops out of the glass run channel rendering the car insecure. This will cost in the region of £160 to put right.
Other than that, there is nothing much to look out for.

Re: Rover quest- day 2 - Digsy
Apologies for the use of a competitor website, but this one can be very useful.

Go to File, New, Open new Window and then copy and paste these links.

Gives mpg and speeds etc

Overall review of the car (NB nothing like as good as HJ's).

Re: Rover quest- day 2 - Dan J
Lovely reliable and comfortable car though a bit low geared for motorway driving!

SWMBO's parents loved theirs but the rear panel was going a-la the car-by-car breakdown so have a good look over that one.

Re: Rover quest- day 2 - Diesel Dave
why not Buy a 1988 Granada Ghia 2.4i for 300 quid and wear tinted glasses lots of obvious gold jewellery - than park up outside your local Netto and wait for the envious glances from pensioners and the poor. they'll think you are Frank Butcher.................
Re: Rover quest- day 2 - ChrisR
The Rover 600 is the only "modern" car I've ever felt carsick in. For back seat passengers it's very wallowy and roly poly. This happened several times with different drivers and different (new) hire cars. Probably ok on the motorway, but on B-roads: Yuck. The only thing I've felt worse in is a Morris Minor, but that doesn't have suspension so much as springs.


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