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Don't forget to watch Driven tonight, you people..... It's apparently got a piece about 4x4 Soft Roader's Rav4/XTrail......My current topic of research..(see previous correspondence). Hope to hear your views and opinions.
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That is to say Tomorrow (Wed)
Re: Driven Tonight. - David W
There I was all agog waiting for the conclusion that you're best to run a normal car and keep a tax-exempt Series 2A Land Rover for the grotty days.

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Funny you should mention it....I've got the series 2 and series 3 club/s websites in my 'favourites list' and have registered with the forum that you mentioned to me, as well as half a dozen other L/R & 4x4 sites. (Difflock etc).

I haven't yet plucked up courage to email the secretaries of these sites asking........What chance do I stand of getting hold of an excellent / immaculate /restored, Tax Exempt Series 2a Diesel SWB, that won't keep going wrong? (This may include series 3, but I'm not 100 percent sure that you can get them before Jan. 1973 - ie. Tax Exempt). But I know that if I do, I'll start to get really involved and there'll be no turning back and before long I'll be well and truly hooked. The purchase price isn't the main thing - its the ongoing implications that concern me more (maintenance mainly). As you said, I should drive one for a while. It might shake some sense in to me! Another slight consideration is, my Mrs. isn't too keen on the idea, but that I can overcome.

I've mentioned the idea to a few friends, and they look aghast and think I'm crazy (my friends are very perceptive). Maybe I'll have to do what my mate did - have one for 8 years and get it out of my system. Nevertheless I'll carry on musing and fantasizing (LAC hasn't got a monopoly on that!) and be assured, you'll be the first to know if I go for it.

Regards, KB
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Thanks for the reminder. Just to confuse us all, Channel 4 has shifted Driven from its usual slot of 8.30pm on Tuesday night to 8.00pm on Wednesday night. Well at least we won't all have to go and watch TV in another room while Jamie Oliver's on BPC2 at the same time.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one to be irritated by said TV chef.

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