Shell Optimax - Keith Stockdale
I tried Shell Optimax after the thread a little while ago in my 1.8 Mondeo.

I must say that I noticed no difference at all except the increse in price!
Re: Shell Optimax - Andrew Barnes
You may not feel any difference in performance, but try working out the MPG before and after, you may be surprised!

Re: Shell Optimax - Keith Stockdale
No difference, 40MPG as usual
Re: Shell Optimax - G
Does the 1.8 mondeo have a knock sensor to take advantage of higher octane fuel ? I don't think so.....
Re: Shell Optimax - David Moore
My old Polo runs really well on it and the price increase is more or less regained in better economy. It pulls far better from low revs.
Re: Shell Optimax - dan
It does work. More power, smoother and the engine appears to be improving with repeated use.


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