Speeding - Lekas
Caught on candid camera doing 45 in 30 limit. Licence so far clean, as no traffic offences for about 30 years. What fine and how many points can I expect?
Re: Speeding - Rob Fleming
£60 and 3 points. Providing you can remember who was driving at the time, of course.........

Re: Speeding - Andy Bairsto
refuse to tell them who was driving because you have a bad memory,or tell them a friend from overseas was driving I will give a good name and address to give .Andy
Re: Speeding - Tomo
Good to see somebody being possibly helpful, but before you try the overseas driver check that he was insured; we know that on this site the nice traffic police cannot be nasty, but they might try to be difficult
Re: Speeding - Tom Shaw
Have you got the Notice of Intended Prosecution yet? Only 1 in 8 cameras are active, so we are informed. If the NIP does not arrive within 14 days you cannot be proscecuted. It's also worth insisting on seeing the photograph, if the reg mark is not clear and easy to read you would have a good case.
Re: Speeding - Lekas
Along with an NPI, the police obligingly sent me a copy of the photo, with an excellent likeness of my rear number plate.
Re: Speeding - me
is it a digitally enhanced photo ? or a print from original negative ?
if its the former its not valid in court (at the moment)...

very often plate is visible in original and doesnt show up until they digitally enhance it...
Re: Speeding - David W
What, try and get out of it because you were pixelated at the time.

Re: Speeding - Ian (cape town)
Scrape off the "We have seen the Lions of Longleat" and "Baby on board" stickers, and put on different ones! Then claim to be a victim of cloning!
Re: Speeding - David W
Actually Ian I think it is more likely to be a case of scrape off the Max power and Ripspeed stickers then put on the I've seen.... and Baby on.... ones.

Re: Speeding - Ian (cape town)
my personal favourite ....
Baby on Board ... Mother on Valium
Re: Speeding - Lekas
I don't know, but it was despatched to me six days after the alleged offence so I guess a digital, remotely-read camera was used.
Re: Speeding - Paul
Re Speeding

Anyone know what hapened to the sen. police officer who claimed that 'he could not remember who was driving' and appeared to have got away with it 'till all the media interest.

I did not hear the outcome of the story, which ran for a few days earlier this year in the press / TV news

Did he get away with it and also what became of with Jack Straw's {police} driver, who was caught doing a ton with Jack in the back - also earlier this year?

Re: Speeding - Tom Shaw
Surprise, surprise, the Senior Police Officer did get away with it as he had already been informed in writing that no action would be taken before the press got hold of the story. Jack Straws driver was not prosecuted, nor was Tony's driver for illegally using the M4 bus lane. Alex Ferguson escaped a conviction for driving on the hard shoulder to bypass stationary traffic by claiming he needed to go to the toilet. Well, blue lights in the mirror would make anyone want to dump, wouldn't they?

It's only Joe Nobody who who has to take the rap every time.

Incidentally, Leekas, one thing worth trying is to write asking when the camera was last calibrated for accuracy. Probably won't work, but then again if they think you are going to cause trouble they might give up on you as not worth the bother. They are used to people putting their hands up straight away, public figures excepted.
Re: Speeding - Andrew Tarr
I presume most of the people who contribute to this chat-room are adults. If that is so, I think it is time many of them stopped palying cops & robbers with speed-limited roads, trying to dodge 'fair cops' by claiming photos are too blurred, and other feeble excuses. Pathetic !

If you disagree with a particular speed limit, make a serious case and try to get it reduced/increased. If you get caught knowingly speeding, admit it and grow up.
Re: Speeding - ladas are cool
i remember my driving test, i didnt realise that at one stage i was doing 40 in a 30 zone, strangly i didnt get marked for it, but i did fail on hesitations.
Re: Speeding - John Kenyon
ladas are cool wrote:
> i remember my driving test, i didnt realise that at one stage
> i was doing 40 in a 30 zone

Happened to me - the examiner then deliberately left it late before
he told me to take the next left. Took corner with no sweat, kept the speed
sensible for the rest of the test, and passed.

Re: Speeding - Independent Observer

OK, own up: what nick names are you using TB, JS and the head of traffic who forgot who was driving his car past his own camera! You're all adults, even if you are playing robbers and cops!
Re: Speeding - T lucas
If you are doing 45 in a 30 you deserve to be nicked,that is too much over the limit.Maybe,apart from fines and points 2 days ban for every mph over the limit.If your car hits a person at 45 they will die.If you are doing 45 in a 30 you either do not care or are unobservant.It is not big or clever to speed.
Re: Speeding - Lekas
I did not argue the point, merely asked for details of the likely fine and points. I simply did not realise I was in a 30-zone and make no excuses.
Re: Speeding - independent observer
"Caught on candid camera doing 45 in 30 limit."

> If you are doing 45 in a 30 you deserve to be nicked,that is too much over the limit

Was that 45 in a 30 limit on a 20 road................

..................or 45 in a 30 limit on a 60 road?

> If you are doing 45 in a 30 you either do not care or are unobservant.

"Licence so far clean, as no traffic offences for about 30 years........."

> your car hits a person at 45 they will die.

But I thought that if a pedestrian stepped out in front of a car "it HAS to stop" (according to the pedestrian lobby interpretation of the Highway Code), so how will they even be injured, never mind killed.

Something VERY strange going on here!

> It is not big or clever to speed.

Neither is it big or clever to step out in front of a speeding (or any) car, and surely those neither big nor clever enough to know are properly supervised and/or restrained in our caring/sharing, socially responsible, safety conscious society, so WHAT exactly IS the problem with speeding?

Now I'm even more confused.

PS Have I missed the explanation of why it isn't big or clever for immature and pathetic speed tax payers to wander over an arbitrary limit, but OK for the people who's salaries, expenses, and company cars and chauffeurs are apid for out of those taxes to totally disregard all the motoring rules and regulations.

Or is the excuse that they never even studied for their driving licence excuse enough?:-(
Re: Speeding - Andrew Hamilton
I thought they had got digital photos acceptable by using some form of electronic watermark or something.
Re: Speeding - Brian
"This Vehicle is Alarmed, so is the Driver"
Re: Speeding - Ian (cape town)
If you don't like the way I drive, you should see me putt


As a matter of fact, I DO own the road
Re: Speeding - Andy
Apparently according to the European Law on Human Rights you don't have to incriminate yourself. Just refuse to co-operate.

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