Disabled parking - Dynamic Dave
what advantage does it give to the disabled driver to be
parked nearer to an entrance?

In the case of my Dad who has dificulty walking any great distances, it means that he hasn't got to trudge the whole car park to get to the shop. Thus gives him the ability to walk right around the whole shop without the need of a wheelchair.
Disabled parking - Big Tony
I realise that, but it just seems strange that a disabled person is given a space right by the entrance to a shop because they cant walk very far, and then they walk round a football-field size shop like Tesco. Still not convinced - but let me assure you I'm not having a go at disabled people or anyone with any kind of special need.
Disabled parking - Dorian
My wife is disabled, so I have first hand experience of what youre on about.

Maybe its now common practice to put the spaces near the entrance. Whenever we're looking for a disabled parking spot we always head for the shop entrance, and voila, there they are, full of cars that are not displaying orange badges and driven by able bodied people.

We have a one yo daughter, and so we try to use the "family" parking bays before we use the disabled bays. At least by parking in a wide bay there's less chance of having someone dent the car with their door...

I think the orange badge scheme is a good idea and vital for disabled people, its a shame that people abuse the system so much.

Disabled parking - Big Tony
I still don't get it.
Disabled parking - BrianW
My daughter was in a wheelchair for 18 months and the proximity to the entrance, particularly when raining (it isn't easy to keep someone in a wheelchair dry) and the wider spaces to get her in and out were invaluable.

My gripe is the unloading bays on Red Routes which allow disabled parking for three hours, effectively losing one lane permanently.

And the number of people who get badges on dubious grounds (compliant doctors?) or who borrow a disabled friend or relative's badge. At the rate we're going everybody will have a disabled badge soon and we'll be back to square one!
Disabled parking - Soupytwist
I would suggest that it's quite likely that someone who has difficulty walking would have an upper limit on the distance they feel comfortable walking. So, rather than waste some of that on reaching the door it's better to let them use as much as possible getting round the store. From the shop's point of view it's better to let them round the whole shop, including the delights of the aisle furthest from the door 'cos then they're likely to spend more.

Also, as a person with a disabled badge is not likely to be as fleet of foot as an able bodied person it makes sense to keep them near the door rather than possibly causing hold ups or confusion in the main bit of the car park.

Finally, if you begrudge doing someone who's got a fairly rough deal already a favour by letting them park nearer the door than you do then you're not the most community spirited of individuals, I'd suggest.
Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.
Disabled parking - Big Tony
As I say, I'm not begrudging anyone anything. Just finding out the real reasons for disabled car parking spaces. I've found out so far that it helps keep wheelchair -users dry when raining, it helps the shops make more profit from people with a disability, it stops them from causing confusion and hold-ups in the car park. Hmmmmm.
Disabled parking - CM
It is because I think that there is a law saying that disabled spaces have to be provided. The disabled lobby is quite a powerful lobby and quite rightly i think that some spaces should be provided.
Disabled parking - Soupytwist
"it stops them from causing confusion and hold-ups in the car park. Hmmmmm."

Ian has put it much better than I did on the confusion / hold ups bit :

"Normally near the entrance, as to allow slow-moving people/chairs quick access - especially useful when you see how some morons drive in carparks. It isn't very easy to jump out of the way of a boy racer when you are on sticks!"

Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.

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