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Hi all,
I am thinking of buying a new car via the internet.
Has anyone used before.
I would be really grateful for your replies on this company or any other internet based broker. - Canon Fodder
I used ukcarbroker about 18 months ago and they were very good. Basically you get access to the large discounts they have arranged, but with no hassle and all financial transactions done only with the Main Dealer, so no risk.

The Car was an absolute lemon, but that wasn't the brokers fault....

CF - Michael M
I have just bought a new Nissan Almera from "uk car", a company based near Manchester Airport. I first read about them on this website when they were promoting heavy discounts on Almeras last October. I probably took a gamble ordering the car from them; after all I'd never heard of them before. However, all in all it has been a successful transaction. I placed the order at the end of October (paying a £500 deposit by credit card) and sat back to wait for the car which was delivered to my door (on a transporter) at the beginning of January. The car itself (as far as I can tell) is fine; brand new, having been assembled only in December)and with all the keys, handbooks and warranty you need. It was pre-registered only the day before it was delivered, meaning I have, for all intents and purposes, a full 3 years cover plus 12 months tax. I have saved £3,450 this way. There's very little the matter with the company; you may need to prod them for information now and then but, basically, they seem fine. In any event, buying this way, you have the Distance Selling Regulations firmly on your side, meaning you can cancel before the car is delivered or within 7 days of delivery and get your money back. This company is worth considering and they were some £300 cheaper than "new car". - Roly93
I bought a new car about 18 months ago from a broker in Bolton, they were fantastic in every respect. - Hoggart
I used for my Mazda 3 and they were fine. UK car couldn't get it in time for me. They were a bit vague on delivery date and I went with the dealer who had the car in stock - tack
I took delivery of a Citroen C4 through last Tuesday.

It was ordered on 16th November. There were delays to the delivery, but the car finally arrived ok.

All I did was pay £500 deposit with my card, then I got a bankers draft, photocopied it and sent it to them to show it had been obtained. Only when I was happy with the car on delivery did I actually bank the draft in their account.

Like a lot of tradespeople, when you phone and leave messages to call you back, or you email and expect a will have to chase them up. But, it happens with plumbers, electricians, lawyers etc too, so they are not unusual in that respect.

I am perfectly happy with my car, I was perfectly happy with the way the deal was structured...i.e. the cheapest I could get the car anywhere!

The car came to me from a UK Citroen dealership with all the books & kit it should have. I don't profess to understand how the whole thing works, but I think it is wrong to say that uk-car-discount is a broker. They are an internet dealer, you have no contact at all with the manufacturers dealership. You pay UK-car-discount, not the manufacturers dealership. All your contract is only with UK-car-discount.

If they were a broker, I think they just find the dealership willing to deal at whatever price and from then on in you deal with the dealership, you pay the dealership.

One other thing, Brian, John, Chris & Gary all sound like they are out of Oasis! Make sure you get the name of who you are speaking to at whatever stage.

Am I happy? I got my car! Am I really happy? I'll tell you when the registration docs turn up after Xmas/New Year! Then I will totally relax. - cedarfairfield
Its not true about getting your deposit back - I ordered a more expensive car than I wanted on the understanding that this was the only way to get a fast delivery. They are now looking increasingly unlikely to meet my delivery deadline and their response to me telling them I will cancel if they do not meet it was to tell me that they will keep my deposit.

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