Clutch life? - robert
What the longest life clutch out there? Am particularly interested to know how much more life is left in my Omega with 61k on the clock.

No fibbing ........
Re: Clutch life? - G
Depends how often and how well you have changed gear in the previous 61,000 miles.
Re: Clutch life? - DIESEL DAVE
160 000 miles on the Original Clutch in a VW Jetta 1.6 and 115 000 on a Polo 1.1. which is starting to go a bit now.....

you've nothing to worry about at 61 000 miles unless youve been towing a heavy Caravan or something
Re: Clutch life? - Tom Shaw
I've sold a 106 with the original clutch still going strong after 110k of driving school miles under it's belt. On the other hand, Nissan Micra's have been known to knacker their clutches in as little as 5000 miles of the same use.
Re: Clutch life? - Peter M
My Pug 305 Estate did 228K before the clutch was replaced (precautionary) at the same time that I had a factory rebuilt engine fitted. The mechanic said that there was plenty of wear left in it.
Luck of the game, I think!
Re: Clutch life? - Tom Shaw
We've had a few Pugs, 309's, 205's and a 106. All were exceptional on clutch life.
Re: Clutch life? - robert
Exceptional is rather subjective - can you specify miles please
Re: Clutch life? - Tom Shaw
Min milage at trade-in 80k, max 110k, all miles on driving lessons where clutches get a torrid life. Never had to replace one. I hope VW Lupo's are as good, mine arrives at the end of the month.
Re: Clutch life? - Andrew Tarr
Surely the message is that you can't specify a mileage for clutch failure. As others have said, it depends a lot on driving style - how many hill starts, fast getaways, changedowns instead of braking etc. In 35 years of driving I have never had any clutch wear problems, but my father-in-law went through his clutches like a dose of salts. Funnily enough I lost the clutch on my wife's 205 D turbo on Friday - but that was because the cable-pedal link failed (11 years, 85K miles). RAC-man cobbled the cable together by the roadside, feels better now than it did before. Probably needed adjusting.
Re: Clutch life? - Darcy Kitchin
Traded in my Citroen XM with 160K on it having towed a 1200Kg caravan approx 6K miles on and off; still on original clutch.
Re: Clutch life? - David W
Hardly had to replace any clutches on our own cars in 25 years. Buy with a decent clutch and they never need doing.

Some actual examples of clutch life so far on (mostly) Cit/Pugs.


All the above vehicles are on the original clutch with no signs of problems, they all feel like they will make another 30,000mls + on top of the mileages recorded above.

Re: Clutch life? - Dan J
The difference between a car which you hold on inclinations (at traffic lights/junctions etc) on the clutch and one you let rest on the handbrake can be 100,000 miles easily so it completely depends on how you drive the car.
Re: Clutch life? - Guy Lacey
160k on MkII 16V Golf (87) - only replaced it 'cos the jukebox went awol.
Re: Clutch life? - Ian Cook
Like someone said earlier in this thread - luck of the draw.

When we caravanned in Scotland this summer my pal and I had the misfortune to take a wrong turning between Inverness and Achnasheen (spelling may be wrong). We both had to reverse our outfits uphill (guess 1 in 8 or so). With a caravan this operates against the overrun brakes, and the stink of friction materal and the accompanying smoke was awful. That mishap could easily kipper a clutch in one go.

We're both pretty reasonable drivers and I haven't had to repace a clutch in 39 years of driving (I don't think he has either).

I've been in cars with plenty of people who constantly "ride the clutch" and I've pointed out the folly of this but, to be honest, I don't think they understand what I'm talking about!

Like I say to a lot of friends - you can't teach experience.

Re: Clutch life? - robert
Hi Ian,

Dosn't your caravan have a reversing lever which stops the brakes coming on when you reverse? My Dad's from 30 years ago did!

Re: Clutch life? - Ian Cook

No it doesn't. This all changed on caravans many moons ago (20+ years) and they are now all automatic. I can only assume it was to prevent people driving off without re-engaging the brakes.

Re: Clutch life? - nick
My zantia is on 102k and the clutch is about to go. I bought the car with 30k on the clock so I can only assume the original driver was very heavy on clutch use. I've never had to change a clutch before. I sold a Carlton that had 150k on the clock with the original clutch and the new owner tows a caravan and it's still going strong. However my wife's Porsche Carrera II had a clutch at 60k as a precaution because the action had become very heavy. Had to replace the flywheel at the same time - cost £1500 + VAT!!
Re: Clutch life? - David W

Is your Xantia clutch "feeling funny" rather than slipping?

Far more clutches are needed these days for gear crunching and odd operation than old fashioned slipping.



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