Diesel Prices - Simon Butterworth
Here in Northampton diesel is now a jaw dropping 7p a litre (76.9 plays 69.9) more than standard unleaded. Petrol has fallen while deisel still at summer levels. That s over 30p a gallon in old money. Is this true nationally and is anyone aware of a public explanation from the oil companies?. Off to France next week, interesting to see if hypermarket prices there are still at the same 4.90 litre as in the summer.
Re: Diesel Prices - ladas are cool
i remember a couple of years ago i went to france, but i filled the car up in england, because the petrol was cheaper that it was in france, how time have changed (sigh).
Re: Diesel Prices - Mel Woods
I have recently returned from a trip which took me through Holland, Germany Switzerland, Italy and France and as expected fuel prices were well below Uk. What I cannot understand is why Shell, Esso BP and all supply 98 octane over there but only 97 here. Ok Optimax is now spreading and I use it with really noticeable differences but it is not totally available yet. I went to Esso garage the other day and their 97 octane super plus was 81.9p. Optimax I can get here for 75.9p.
It is time the motoring press and programmes such as Driven gave this nonsense some air time.
Re: Diesel Prices - Honest John
Here I go again. Diesel is basically the same fuel as heating oil. In Northern Europe the demand for heating oil goes up in winter. Whenever demand increases against supply, the price goes up. Simple as that.

Re: Diesel Prices - Keith
2 weeks ago, diesel at Cite Europe outside Calais was 0.749 Euros or 4.913 Francs per litre. Equivalent to 47p in UK money. Didn't look at petrol prices but savings, if any, are probably minimal.

Saved £18 on a tankful of diesel. Yes, pumps and price displays are already in Euros although the receipt showed the cost in Francs.

Re: Froggy Petrol/Diesel Prices - David Millar
Just back from Perpignan last night so fresh from filling up the Hertz rental Saxo with 95 octane at Carrefour for 6.046 FF/litre. Too busy trying to get one of my credit cards accepted in the pump to get diesel price right but I think it was 4.60 FF/litre or thereabouts. The 98 octane unleaded is still around 67-68p per litre which may seem about the same at first sight as UK premium unleaded but remember it is higher octane and is not indicated as being this low performance low sulphur rubbish.

Re: Diesel Prices - alwyn
Is that the 28 second oil or the 35 second. Different viscosity (as you know, of course)

So, apart from being illegal, could we use heating oil in our cars?
Re: Diesel Prices - Simon Butterworth
Thanks HJ I know that as well but it usually gives a difference of 2p tops, and then after Xmas. when was it last 7p!!. Is there a problem with refining capacity?.
Re: Diesel Prices - andy bairsto
diesel all across mainland Europe along with petrol has decreased in price it is only the uk that has these high prices. 1.44dm per litre in Essen this morning

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