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Zafira EGR Valve.... - Nickbg
Does anyone know if the EGR valve is not working properly - will it use loads more petrol - I have worked it out that the car is only doing 22mpg - so if you have any bright ideas please let me know

Zafira EGR Valve.... - SpamCan61 {P}
What engine type? What kind of driving?
Zafira EGR Valve.... - Nickbg
its an 1800cc ecotech engine - quite a lot of shortish runs - 22mg on a run of 30 miles

Zafira EGR Valve.... - Dynamic Dave

The following site will tell you how the EGR valve works:-


Zafira EGR Valve.... - Nickbg
Dave thanks for the info on the EGR valve - sorry I am having a dull day - does this mean that it can cause major petrol comsumption if it is not working correctly ?

Zafira EGR Valve.... - Dynamic Dave
does this mean that it can cause major petrol comsumption if
it is not working correctly ?

To be perfectly honest with you, I\'ve no idea. Sorry.
Zafira EGR Valve.... - dieselhead
Agree 22 mpg is poor unless it includes alot of urban driving and cold starts. More likely a problem with lambda sensor, split or cracked vacuum pipe, to map sensor, air leaks pre catalyst etc.
In theory EGR generally has a very small beneficial effect on fuel consumption unless too much gas is re-circulated and is causing the engine to missfire and run roughly.

Recirculating exhaust gas displaces air, reduces power output and causes unstable running so the it isn't used at very low engine speeds and I think maximum power. Would expect mostly loss of performance not increased fuel consumption if the valve had failed.

The Vauxhall EGR valve has a position indicator that should log a fault code if the valve is stuck in the open position although probably not if the valve had just got 'sluggish'

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