Tarmac coloured cars - Alan
Why do people buy them and why are they the last to switch thier lights on.
Re: Tarmac coloured cars - THe Growler
That suggests to me they are possibly bean-counters.
Re: Tarmac coloured cars - David W

Metallic black/dark grey is one of my favourite colours but you do need to turn on your lights 15 mins early.

Re: Tarmac coloured cars - Derek
I don't know why people buy them, but I find that white/silver/light grey are also fairly invisible in certain conditions such as twilight and fog. True, lots of people drive around in near darkness, or fog, with no lights, but I think they are the ones who still remember the long-defunct 'lighting-up time'.
Re: Tarmac coloured cars - ian (cape town)
Metallic grey/silver seems to be on the increase.
God knows why - it is a pig to keep clean, almost impossible to colour match if it gets dinged, scratches easily, and in rainy/overcast or foggy conditions becomes nigh-impossible to see!
Disturbingly I notice that most Volvos brought into S Africa (we get a fair amount of rain here!) are silver-grey - and they don't have the daylight running lights here (see previous thread).
I nearly 'caught' one in a downpour the other day ... literally, I didn't see him in the spray!
Re: Tarmac coloured cars - Derek
Um, yeah. Well, here's where I have to admit that my car is white and my wife's new one will be silver ('cos that's what she wants!). But then, I'm not slow in getting the lights on. And you're right, white is difficult to keep clean, silver will probably be the same.

The bike's mainly yellow and I keep the lights on dip all the time. That doesn't seem to affect the 'sorry mate, didn't see you' (translation - 'I didn't look')brigade. Sorry, biker's whinge.
Re: Tarmac coloured cars - Peter M
About 15 years ago a black 'flock' sprayed car, (Austin 1100) was resident in Farncombe, Surrey, near the school where I taught. This car was absolutely invisible except for the headlight reflectors - I wondered at the time about the legality of this sort of 'stealth' camouflage.
Re: Tarmac coloured cars - Peter M
Proviso to the last posting-invisible at night, of course...
Re: Tarmac coloured cars - Tomo
Further proviso, would not work in the wet.
Re: Tarmac coloured cars - Brian
And what's wrong with being a bean-counter?
The new black - Lee H
It does seem that most new cars these days are silver.... is this just a fashion, will it affect resale values when they come around?

Personally, I don't think you can go too far wrong with Doom blue. And like Flares, I'm just waiting for it to come back into Vogue.

Silver vs Balck - David Lacey
I think silver cars are a good choice - they don't seem to appear as dirty (when dirty) as some 'doom blue' cars (awful colour)

Black cars look real smart when clean but boy, do they ever show the dirt??

Doom Blue vs Style - Lee H
Ah, but the joy of doom blue is that it's never really clean, never really dirty and everyone thinks you're an old duffer so you don't get much grief on the roads.

It was another story with the old Venetian red car that seemed to attract swearing and gesticulating like a telly attracts dust.

Re: Tarmac coloured cars - THe Growler
What's wrong with being a bean-counter, I hear you cry. Well, I guess some of us are suited to making history, others just record it.... to know the cost of everything and the value of nothing etc etc.
Re: Tarmac coloured cars - colin
Perhaps they are flat cap merchants who remember the days when you had to save the battery?
Beancounters - Brian
Some of us run organisations, not just record what has happened.
Re: Tarmac coloured cars - Ian Cook
Well, they might just be driving one of those daft Citroen inventions - you know, the sort where the dashboard lights come on with the ignition (yes, during the daytime) and you have to remeber to look for the little warning lamp to tell you the lights are on.

Honest to goodness! I'm fond of Citroens, but they don't half shoot themselves
in the foot.

Re: Tarmac coloured cars - markymarkn
my astras a bit like that - digital dash jobbie.

I've taken to setting the dash-dimmer to low so when i get in the car at night and the dash is bright i know i havent got my lights on... (it only dims with lights on)

sounds a bit backward, but its working so far!
Re: Tarmac coloured cars - Roy
I agree, wholehaertedly. Whats wrong with manufacturers fitting auto lights as standard. It surely can't cost that much? Then the plebs with the ' doh... I can see' attitude wouldn't be able to plead insanity.

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