A-frame towing - Darcy Kitchin
On my way down the M1 the other day, I saw a large motorhome towing a baby Fiat with the sort of A-frame arrangement that leaves the car's 4 wheels on the ground. The lights were rigged badly so that whenever either indicator was used, both indicators and both brakelights came on in the Fiat. That aside, I wondered about the provenance of such a car when time came to sell it. It would have had more wear on tyres, wheel bearings and shocks than on the engine. Good thing or bad, I don't know. Would a buyer believe the engine had 20K on it when the odo said 60K?

If a car with an electronic odometer was towed like this, would it still read with the ignition off?
Will the speedo work? - David Lacey

In a word, No

Re: Will the speedo work? - Darcy Kitchin

In 2 words, thank you.

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