Pugeot 405 lighs problem - glenn dawkins

Pugeot 405 1.9 gldt 1993 k (face lift model)
When i switch my lights on my side lights work, then my headlights work, then my main beam works.
After a random time on headlights (i.e has happened when lights are not hot) i loose my headlights, with only my side lights remaining on.
If i then switch to main beam they work, and if i flick the stalk (binnicle) a lot of times i get my main beam back, again for a random time.
I have checked my earths/fuses/relay and im stuck.
I have cleaned all connections and checked for rust.
Is the problem with the stalk (binnicle) does anyone know? Or is there a know problem.
Thanks everyone
Re: Pugeot 405 lights problem - David W

I've had this twice with a Renault Espace (about 8yrs old/100,000 miles).

Took a new stalk at about £70 to cure it.

German Swedish French charge £36.50 (+vat and carriage I think) for yours mail order. Well worth it because it's very dangerous.

Re: Pugeot 405 lights problem - markymarkn
couldnt you just get a different one from the scrappers? Theres loads of pugs that use the same stick as a 405 (306 etc) so finiding one shouldnt be a problem

Just make sure you get one with all the right features (example - I got some cav sticks for my astra, but had to make sure got ones with rear wash wipe feature). If your gonna be honest and pay for it I wouldnt pay more than a tenner (big pockets is the other option).


Peugeot 405 lights problem - David Lacey
But surely the ones in the scrapyards are going to be just about on their last legs [knowing French Electrics & switchgear!!]

Re: Peugeot 405 lights problem - Andrew Tarr
David - the multi-stalk switch on my 205 lost the main beam last year. Dealer price over £50, got a used one from Peugeot used parts specialist in Warrington for £15. Feels tighter than the old one, and is still working fine.
Re: Pugeot 405 lights problem - Andrew
I had a similar problem with the same model after I had tinkered around with a common earth block situated behind the front bumper, which necessitated removing the bumper. Basically I cleaned all the connections and sprayed it in WD40. At the time I was trying to trace a cooling fan fault.
I had to remove the bumper again and clean up the common earth again remove the WD40. Then everything worked fine.
Sounds like it could be your switch but this is an option if that fails.

Re: Peugeot 405 lights problem - Stuart B
Another place to look, if the new stalk does not cure the problem as it didn't on my previous 92K, is the alarm wiring. This can get a short in the loom or fault in the box and cause all sorts of crazy problems with the lights. For example driving along on main beam in broad daylight yet no lights are switched on.

This happened to two 405s in our fleet to my certain knowledge, and it was the alarm wiring which was the eventual problem in both cases
Re: Peugeot 405 lights problem - glenn dawkins
Thank you, new light stalk inbound from scrap yard.

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