Unusual Honda - Peter Mason
I've recently seen a small attractive (two seat) convertible Honda sports car in the Guildford area. It looks aklmost like a 2/3rds scale model. Yellow, no model name. Can anyone tell me anything about it?
Re: Unusual Honda - Chris
Could be a Honda Beat(very tiny) or maybe even a CRX, although I'm not sure Yellow was a standard colour on a CRX but could have had a respray.
Re: Unusual Honda - Tony
Honda Beat 660cc engine,great fun,Japanese homemarket car,a few available in UK.
Re: Unusual Honda - Peter M
Thanks - yes, probably the Beat, I know what the CRX looks like. The Beat looks very small,-I don't think it would suit me(6'3")
Re: Unusual Honda - ladas are cool
you can buy the honda beat in guernsey, either new or second hand.
Re: Unusual Honda - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Its not the new 2000 sports job is it? Saw one yesyerday, looks so much better than the new offerings from Toyota.
Interesting to see you can buy a new Beat from Guernsey, is it to proper UK spec or are they grey imports. At least they won't have been used for street racing like they are in Japan!!
Re: Unusual Honda - ladas are cool
they are uk spec, i was thinking about getting one, but as i am 6 foot 6 i cant fit it. either in red/yellow/blue/light green.

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