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Been meaning to ask this for a few days but Bugged has just reminded me.

I hate my seatbelt. No matter where I adjust it to, or adjust the seat, it's just not comfortable. I think it probably stems from when someone drove in the back of me, and it was the force of the seatbelt pulling me back that wrecked my right shoulder. I just can't stand it touching/cutting into my neck any more.

I am constantly having to pull the belt away from my neck and try and make it anchor somehow lower down. (I think I might finally have found something suitable for the Girls Only thread here actually, unless there are any particularly large chested blokes around!)

I can't not wear the seatbelt, and I don't want to do that stupid thing of tucking my arm through it that I've seen people do which must make it completely useless. However, while it's so uncomfortable I'm convinced it's going to do me more damage if I ever need it again, and my neck has only just recovered!

I've seen litte boy racers with little coloured cushion things on their seatbelts. Do you think this would help? Do they come in a more subtle colour than bright red or blue? Is there something similar but less trev-like I could use?


Annoying Seat Belt! - Adam {P}
Since you helped me I can offer somne good advice PG,

Driving instructor had these pads on his car and they are fantastic. I've been meaning to get some myself but forgot all about it. He had some nice subtle black Yokohama ones and I have to say, if you find the belt painful cutting into you then these will work.


Annoying Seat Belt! - Stargazer {P}

My daughter has a brightly coloured 'Tigger' seatbelt cushion/toy. It velcros over the seatbelt where it coveres her shoulder. It spreads the load somewhat and keeps her amused (she is 4!).

Try places that sell childrens seats, booster seats etc.


Annoying Seat Belt! - bugged {P}
PG try halfords, i have two big halfords shops near me that do them, you can get them in yellow red blue and black, (harness pads)
My mum is quite short and has always had trouble getting the belt and seat right and i remember when we were kids she had this thing called a KLUNKCLIP that fitted on the belt from the reel on the side of the car, you put the belt on in the normal way and then pull it out a tiny bit more and snap this KLUNKCLIP thingy in place, it keeps a tiny bit of slack and the belt doesnt pull on your neck, it was really good, not sure if they still make them due to having fancy new belts these day but it may be worth a look!

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Halfords were definitely selling these (or a similar sounding thing) a couple of years ago. SWMBO is somewhat challenged in the vertical direction so I gave her one and it put the smile back on her face.
Annoying Seat Belt! - BazzaBear {P}
Thanks for asking this question PG!
I was looking for a similar thing a while back for my wife, but had no luck. tried local motor factors, but not a Halfords. Will give it a go next time I pass one. It's possibly due to her height, but she does have problems with the seat belt being uncomfortable in the *ahem* chest area. Every time we go round a corner she has to re-adjust it.
Annoying Seat Belt! - just a bloke
I dunno if you can still get these...

I have a thing called a "Klunk-Clip". hangs off the top seatbelt anchor point and the seat belt passes through it. When you put the seatbelt and adjust it to be comfortable you push a little lever upwards that grips the belt and stops it retracting.
To release it a small tug downwards no the belt and it allows the belt to retract normally.

This sounds much more complicated than it is :)

Anyway I'm reliably informed that it doesn't stop the seatbelt from doing it's job and luckily I've never had to test it. I've used one for years and it's moved from car to car with me.
Annoying Seat Belt! - PoloGirl
Been to Halfords and bought brake pads and a Klunk Klip2 (for three door cars). (I trust myself to fit the Klunk Klip for my journey south tomorrow, but think I will leave the brake pads to my dad when I get there!)

Bit worried about this bit on the KlunkKlip box though..."A slack seatbelt can increase risk of injury in an accident. Follow the instructions. Do not introduce slack." I thought introducing slack was the point of the device?

BTW They had those velcro tigger things in Halfords too... I had to talk myself out of buying a Piglet one. ;-)

Annoying Seat Belt! - Hugo {P}
When my children were smaller we got them a device that pulled the top and bottom parts of the seat belt together slightly so that it kept the seat belt off their necks and accross their chests.

Also, when's your volvo interview - good luck for that.

Annoying Seat Belt! - henry k
I am very pleased to announce to those who do not want boy racer vesions of "Seat belt pads".

Wilkinsons sell "Seat belt pads - pack of two" for.....£1.99 yes £1.99.
Not the most obvious place to look

They come in black or black all over.

I have been hunting for plain black at a sensible price for a couple of weeks and am now very happy to fit them but......

They are going on my belts at the lower hip position on the outside / door side. This is to replace the plastic belt protectors that have split and to stop the leather seat getting rubbed.

I can now look at restoring the colour in the drivers seat.


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