Smaller nearside mirrors? - JohnM
I've noticed that many models eg Audi, Mercedes, VW, in Belgium and Germany have smaller nearside door mirrors than on driver's side - in the UK the mirrors are the same size.
Anybody know the reason for the difference?
(I had suspected that it was due to some local law, and that to produce the differing sizes the other way round for rhd would be an unnecessary expense, but a new Polo Estate UK courtesy car I borrowed the other week had unequal size mirrors (reversed for rhd) also...)!
Re: Smaller nearside mirrors? - Jonathan
UK Mercedes E Class had a different shaped near side mirror. The reason for this is to improve parking ability.

I am not sure why this is the case in Europe.

Re: Smaller nearside mirrors? - Randolph Lee
I sure wish That your Euro type of outside mirrors were allowed in the US...The sort with the dotted vertical lins and variable refreaction that you have are outlawed here... only one 'lens type' over the whole mirror is what we get with the printing on each mirror "Objects in mirror may be smaller than they appear" No one I have asked seems to know the reason for this arcane Fed. law... but If I decide to keep the old RR I may import a pair of the good outside mirrors next trip.

Randolph Lee
Nantucket Island USA

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