Ford Fiesta, can you refit a timing belt - hartsongs
Can somebody please tell me; is it common motor practice to re-fit a used cambelt. I have a difference of opinion from two garages. A Ford main dealer says that once a timing belt has been installed and tensioned, once it is removed it should not be refitted, even if its only done a few miles.

Another private garage says that this is not true, they are perfectly useable and can be refitted. I suppose its a difference of opinion as to what can be done and what should be done.

Being fairly non-technical I dont know. Maybe different rules apply to different manufacturers. It would strike me that it is advisable, but is it motor trade practice.

Any advice on the subject would be appreciated. The car is a 1997 Ford Fiesta 1.4 ghia with a zetec engine.
Ford Fiesta, can you refit a timing belt - Chas{P}
I echo the Ford dealers advice.

It is not worth saving the few quid by refitting the old one when, if it failed, it would cost ££££'s to fix.

It is also recommended to change tensioners as well for a thorough reliable repair.


Ford Fiesta, can you refit a timing belt - hartsongs
Thanks for your help here, Charles. I think in essence it is the sensible thing to do so it becomes common practice.

I agree with you. For the sake of a few more quid why risk it all going wrong. The vast majority of the spend is labour, getting to that point.


Ford Fiesta, can you refit a timing belt - Dynamic Dave
Haynes manual for a Vaux Cavalier (mk3) gives two adjustments for a cambelt. New and used.

So yes, you can re-fit a used cambelt, but as they're generally <£20, it's really false economy. The only time I would fit a used one is when it's a Saturday evening and I needed the car for the next day, ie, no where was open to buy one and I hadn't planned ahead.

Ford Fiesta, can you refit a timing belt - Ford Dagenham

Heres my 1p worth.

I dont reccomend using a used cambelt i would rather feel safer using a fresh one.
(iam not a mechanic)

Martin Winters
Ford Fiesta, can you refit a timing belt - Simon
Yes you can re-fit a cambelt and it will be perfectly servicable providing it hasn't been mistreated during the removal process. But I would personally recommend that if it has to be removed then it might as well be replaced by a new one at the same time.

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