Price of diesel - t.s
Can anyone explain why the price of diesel hasn't dropped in line with that of unleaded petrol.
Up until a week or so ago there was a 1p per litre difference betwen unleaded and diesel around my area (UL=74.9, diesel 75.9).

Today unleaded is selling for 69.9 whilst diesel remains at 75.9. Surely the low price of crude oil should mean that diesel prices should have been reduced aswell. This is particularly frustrating having bought my first ever diesel 2 weks ago (Passat 1.9Tdi)
Re: Price of diesel - Ian Cook
Diesel tends to be more expensive as winter sets in, probably due to supply and demand of heating oil. But the oil companies may be taking the p with a differential of 6 pence a litre!
Re: Price of diesel - ChrisR
There's usually a differential of two pence or so during a cold snap (which we're not having to my knowledge). Six pence is scandalous. It seems to me the real villains are making themselves known.

Re: Price of diesel - Tom Shaw
Whenever Petrol prices drop, diesel prices seem to lag behind by a few weeks. I think it's where the oil company's realise that petrol is the stuff that grabs the headlines and they can screw a bit more from oil burners without adverse publicity.
Re: Price of diesel - Kev
Isn't it also about not as many planes are flying, so the demand for avionic fuel [kerosene, I think] has dropped, so they have dropped the price of petrol. Or should this have dropped the cost of diesel aswell? Maybe trying to get their profits back up with cost of diesel

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