timing belt - jim page
I have owned a Nissan Bluebird from new since 1989, which has still only done 85K miles.

The timing belt was changed @ 45K miles, when I started using the car for long journeys to work, 42 miles each way.
I am now only doing 7 miles per day each way & cannot find any recommendation in my Haynes manual for when the timing belt should be replaced next.
Should I assume @ 90K miles or would you recommend changing it now, as I am doing a much lower mileage & it will take a long time to reach 90K ?

If I continue doing this low a mileage, when would you recommend the next change after this one, after 2 years regardless of mileage ?
Re: timing belt - Dave
HJ always says 40k or 4 years. Whichever's soonest.
Re: timing belt - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
I would change the belt now as I presume you are doing more town, stop-start type driving. Thereafter every two years would not hurt as its such an easy belt to change. Also up your oil changes to twice yearly. BTW I had a ZX turbo from new until 1995. Fantastic Q car, never ever missed a beat and is still going strong today with the original turbo- oil changes every 3000 miles originally on Valvoline TurboV, latterly on Texaco X1 extra.

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