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Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - Rdw
My speed sensor is dying, the speedo keeps dropping to 0 and power sags. Can someone tell me where it is and how much a new sensor might cost.
Many thanks for your anticipated help.
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - jc
Should be top rear of g'box where the speedo cable used to fit.
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - AlanGowdy
There is an accepted problem with this I believe. My wife's T-reg Focus 1.8 suffered from the same thing and also engine surging at gearchanging. Ford dealer fixed it as a manufacturer's goodwill deal. Unfortunately the problem recurred about a month later so she just lived with it. Her current car - also a 1.8 Focus, a 51-reg, seems free of the problem.
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - big davey
hi, there is a very quick fix for this fault using a cable tie, I think the wireing runs along side the H.T. leads and interfears with the speedo. if this is not obvious to you when I go to work tomorrow I shall dig out the fix and let you know exactly what to do.
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - philster
I am having exactly the same problem with my T reg Focus 1.6. Would you mind forwarding that info to me too Big Davey.
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - superannuated rocker
I would also welcome this fix. My wife's V reg 1.6 has the problem also.
Many Thanks
Peter Bowman
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - jeffseye
have you received the fix and does it work suffering same problem
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - jeffseye
can someone forward the fix to me as it is driving me mad
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - whyman
i too would welcome this fix, i certainly have had the speedo dropping to zero (even lost all the milage readings a couple of times) for some months now but don't seem to be getting the drop in power some others mention. Please send me details of this fix if possible

Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - dazza
HELP!.Can anybody help me out with the solution for the problem that many of us are having with are ford focus.Mines a T reg and every now and then the power dips the speedo needle drops to zero and the mileage blanks out.Would be very gratefull if anyone could forward any info on this matter.CHEERS.
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - Jon Fox
Hi, I have this problem aswell (with a Focus 1.8) that I just bought! It is driving me mad. I would REALLY appreciate the details of your fix!

I noticed that there is a multi-connector and then there is an off-shoot from the cable sheafing (T-junction) in which the wires are passed down to the speed sensor. Would I have to reposition this, or is it the cabling before the connector? Do I have to remove the sheafing and separate the cables? (Alternate email: charnwoodfox@yahoo.co.uk)
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - brumski
Any chance you could forwards on the fix for me?
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - Ford Jester
Is it possible for you to forward the fix to me thank you.
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - megrandad
Hi mate as every body says speed sencor fault they are absolutly correct?However before you spend your mony's on the sensor there is one other fix that may help.It is again to do with the sensor but before you replace it try blowing it out with an air line as they also suffer with water ingress into the plug and pins and then try electrical cleaner which you can get from any good outlet
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - Jon Fox
I checked the cabling and found that one of the brackets that attaches to the battery casing was broken and hence the cables had strayed slightly closer to the HT coils & leads. I tied these back and a speedo failure did not reoccur when previously it was every day. However, after 3 weeks it has started again and the cables are still tied back. Are you sure about your suggested fix? Does anyone else have a solution or suggestion? I am thinking about changing the VSS but is this just a waste of money. Please help me if you can!
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - F|E|S|T
Wow this is kind of a relief to here others are experiencing the same problem.

We have a 1.8 V reg 1999 Focus and have just recently started getting this problem. No engine power loss but the speedo pin will randomly drop to 0 while driving along. Also when changing gear the car over revs, as if you have put your foot down on the accelerator and revved it...but you haven't.

If anyone does find out the actual cause, would love to hear :)

Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - dylan
Here\'s a usenet thread discussing similar symptoms:


Here\'s the final message in the thread, suggesting the fix is pretty simple and cheap:

\"Just shows the value of a good newsgroup!

To all those who kindly replied, the speed sensor was the culprit, and was pleased that it only cost £23 UK. Bit tricky getting the pin out that holds it it at the side. I noticed the sensor has been modified quite a bit. Hopefully all my problems with cutting out etc are a thing of the past.

Thanks again.


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Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - dazza
I posted a couple of weeks back about my speedo dropping,i have finally sorted this problem.It is the speed sensor,cost £24.99 (ford part only)fitted a new one last week and its been fine since.Sensor is located on the transmission and to remove it you remove a locking pin that holds it in place,then its just a case of pulling out the sensor which is held in by two sealing rings.Hope this helps.
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - sven900
We were having exactly the same problem with our '99 Focus 1.8, took it to deleted in deleted, they changed the speed sensor OK - £107 inc Vat. So if the part costs £24.99, go figure what the hourly labour rate must be. No evidence of them offering to do it free gratis as I've read in other posts either - despite me originally telling them about the fault whilst it was under warranty, then being charged £25 for them to reset the ECU (because this work was of course not covered by the warranty).

To top it all, since the service 2 weeks ago the car has been running like a bit of a dog. Just opened up the hood to check all the spark plug leads were properly connected (admitedly a long shot) and noticed that a wiring lead that plugs in near the air intake / filter hadn't been reconnected. Plugged it back in and bingo - running like new again.

As for deleted - I probably wouldn't trust them to fill the washer bottle.....

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Also - Ford Focus 1.8 speed sensor - mikej
I had similar problems with my 1.8 Focus, ie. speedo drops to zero for any length of time from a few seconds to a few minutes, sometimes leading to loss of odometer reading (changes to dashes) and even complete loss of power/engine shutdown on a couple of occasions too.

I had no obvious problems with leads as mentioned above, so I decided to replace the vehicle speed sensor. Before I replaced it, the problem had got so frequent that it was happening almost every day. I replaced the sensor 2 weeks ago and it hasn't happened since.

If you feel confident enough to have a go at replacing it yourself, then full details of how I did it can be found in this other thread :


Also - Ford Focus 1.8 speed sensor - griffiths1971
Hi there, I am also having the same problem you had on your 1.8 focus. I have been to a spare parts place today and they said it could be the CAM sensor or the CRANK sensor, do you know which one they replaced on your car?


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Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - jezz
> In reply to Dylan:

how in the hell did you manage to get the pin out i have used pliers & molegrips but just cant shift the thing any ideas hope your still about
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - dylan

I just provided a link to a usenet thread - I haven't actually performed the procedure. You could try emailing the guy from the usenet thread (Craig), but the message is over 4 years old, so there's a good chance the email address is dead now.
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - jezz
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - stacey_82

heeyy, i know your message was posted on here some time ago, but i was wondering if you still had an idea of the way to fix this problem as i'm having it now with my V reg 1.8 focus. it drives me insane having to guess what speed i'm doing and also feel as if the car looses power when the speedo dyes.

hopefully you get this message and i look forward to your response

stacey xxx

Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - saeem
i used to had a same problem on my v reg focus speed drop to zero some times while am driving then i got new speed sencer from ford dealer its cost 27 pound brand new. then i take my car to garage the replaced it. now everythink ok i dont get any problem like before
Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - saeem
hi.. I used to had same problem on my v reg focus then i change my speed sensor now its ok. You can buy one from ford dealer cost 27 pound then take it 2 garage they will do it for you.

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Help Ford Focus 1.6 speed sensor - saeem
hi mate.. Just buy speed sensor from OMC ford. And replaced it u wont have any problem

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