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The air con on my 2000 W reg Mark 2 Mondeo Zetec 2000cc had stopped working so recently, when it was in for a service, I asked them to have a look at it.

They regassed it and put some sort of dye in the gas, which they said would show up if there were any leaks. When I went to collect the car they told me the aircon was working very well, and they were right, too, it was putting out a nice icy-cool blast when the temperature was set to the minimum setting.

I was informed that only time would tell whether it would continue to work, would just have to give it a try.

It seemed to work for about a month but has now, unfortunately, stopped working again. I presume this is because all the gas has been lost, but that's only a guess. I have no way of testing it, and information on the repair and testing of aircon systems seems to be very lacking. Unusually even the Haynes manual just says "Take it to a dealer" which is rare for them; they usually give, at least some basic ideas and simple tests for various car systems, even those that are very complicated, as aircon systems obviously appear to be.

So, my question is, where do I go from here? Can one see the effects of this dye, if it's coming out of, for example, the compressor bearing? If so, how long will the dye remain there for?

I have heard that aircon systems can be horrendously expensive to repair, and, if this is so, do you think I would be justified in asking the dealer for an estimate to repair the aircon system before agreeing to go ahead, even if this estimate itself is chargeable, which I would well understand? I don't mind spending, say, a couple of hundred on it to get it fixed, it is useful in the summer (and even winter to demist the windows!) but, if it were to be much more than that, I would probably just forget it and make do with the fan. After all, this is the first car I've ever owned that's had aircon fitted.

I wonder whether there's anyone else on here who has had experience of getting Ford aircon repaired, as opposed to just regassed? If so, please could I ask what was done to effect a cure, and how much did it cost?

Many Thanks,

Mondeo Air Conditioning - RichardW
Almost certain it has a leak. The dye they put in only shows up under UV light. I would take it to an air-con specialist, explain it's been recharged and dyed, and ask them to see where the leak is. They should be able to see it pretty easily, and give you a quote for repairing it. It's probably the condenser at the front which is not going to be cheap to replace!


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
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If it's an expensive repair, you could buy an aftermarket warranty, leave it a few weeks, then claim on it.

Not that I would endorse such a thing.

Mondeo Air Conditioning - elekie&a/c doctor
Most probably the a/c condenser has a leak,very common on this year of mondeo.Go to an independent aircon specialist,the whole job should be about £300. (about half main dealer price)
Mondeo Air Conditioning - bertj
Main dealers don't deal with air con! They either bring in a mobile specialist or take the car to a specialist. You will save a lot of money if you go straight to such a specialist.
Mondeo Air Conditioning - Aprilia
Main dealers don't deal with air con!

A lot do nowadays. Many of the larger main dealers have an air-con trained technician and the necessary kit for service and repair. Air-con work is highly profitable (especially if they can get you on the re-gas at £80 a year).
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Aprilia is correct. Virtually all dealers now have the equipment, as well as many smaller places, even though they don't always advertise the fact. Most bodyshops also have the kit, as well as BT depots, Police depots, Ambulance depots, truck repairers, even the places that handle the ground support vehicles at airports. Admitadly some are lacking in skill, but that goes for any outfit.


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