Pug 1.9 gti oil leak - PeterW
Hi all,

I've just bought a Peugeot 1.9 gti off a friend. It's a great car - only one previous owner and 45000 miles on the clock. The only problem is there is a persistent oil leak. We thought it was the crankshaft oil seal, so removed the gearbox and replaced it. Although it doesn't leak as much as before, it still leaks. What else could it be? I've changed the sump gasket and put sealant on both sides of the gasket before refitting, but it still leaks! The oil collects on some of the heads of the bolts holding the sump on (the ones nearest the gearbox), so I suspect it might still be leaking from behind the flywheel somewhere as I can't think where else it would be coming from.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - my driveway is becoming an oily mess!
Pug 1.9 gti oil leak - SjB {P}
My wife has a 306 Sedan with the XU7 1.8 engine that I think shares some lineage with yours. She had an oil leak that sounds similar to yours (though less in intensity) that was found to be one of the externally running crank case breather pipes having a small split. The oil was atomising, and then collecting on the sump flange, where it then ran along before dripping off somewhere else. Solved by cutting an inch off the end of the rubber pipe, and re-attaching to the stub on the base of the engine block.

BTW, yesterday I saw an immaculate dark green 205 gti on a 'D' plate completely toasting an '53' Ford Focus RS at the traffic lights. It didn't sound especially meaty, and looked stock, but boy was it quick. Would love to know what had been done to it.
Pug 1.9 gti oil leak - SjB {P}
Meant to add: The thoughts of a ex-405 two litre sixteen valve (MI16 was it?) crossed my mind.
Pug 1.9 gti oil leak - Andrew-T
SjB - one reason the 205 GTI could toast other cars was that even the 1.9 (130bhp) car only weighed 880 kg. Newer models are weighed down with all kinds of gubbins.

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