Tyre wear on Contis - Simon Saxton

Archives have several Conti Eco recommends. My current ECO are terrible appalling tread wear & noisy.
European forum confirms high number with similar problems.
Has anyone else suffered this experience? Any update from You HJ?

Tyre wear on Contis - David Lacey
We seem to get about 12000 miles out of Conti ECO's on the front of Rover 75 (fitted as original equipment) 35000/40000 miles on the rear is not uncommon.
Will look to see what else is fitted and will compare tyre life.

Watch this space!

Re: Tyre wear on Contis - honest john
I get 20k out of the fronts of a hard-driven Mondeo 2.0LX on Conti Eco Contacts and about 40 - 45k out of the rears. However, I had a slow leak from one of the rears which suddenly became a fast leak leading the tyre to separate between wall and tread, which apparently is common on Contis run at too low pressure for the job. Photo in my newspaper column on 6th October.
On a Mondeo, Contis are far quieter than Dunlops, Goodyears or Firestones. You notice it most on the strip of A30 left out of BCA Blackbushe as you pass Blackbushe aerodrome after you've just bought a Mondeo. Contis are quiet. On Firestones you can't even hear the aircraft taking off.

Re: Tyre wear on Contis - Ian Cook

I'm interested in your comments about wear and noise. I found Goodyears noisy on a 306, for example.

I've got to replace the fronts on my Xantia soon - it's currently shod with Michelin, and they are reasonably quiet and they look like they are going to do around 14K. Anything other make worth considering to get better mileage, or is that it with the Xantia?

Re: Tyre wear on Contis - David W

They do say keep to Michelin on Citroens. May just be talk but most agree.

I am very careful on costs and will often have a budget tyre on our cars but with the Xantia I lashed out £70 a tyre to match the Michelins it had fitted.

Re: Tyre wear on Contis - Richard
I have a full set of OEM Continental Eco Contacts on my 2000K Vectra TD with a tuning box. I think they are great tyres, very quiet on the road and are slow wearing. My Vectra has 19K miles on it and the front tyres are about 1/3 worn. I am amazed at how fast people seem to wear down tyres here!! I hope to get at least 35K out of the fronts....the backs do not even seem to be wearing.
I run all of the tyres at 32 PSI.


Re: Tyre wear on Contis - Simon Saxton

Many thanks all.Points noted & I am still listening.Dealers refer to them as Premium tyres & they are OEM for my 2.5TD, a couple of dealers have had complaints of poor wear.Perhaps it was a bad batch but I havent the courage
to risk another set. Several recommends for Goodyear NCT 5.I am hanging on for the moment!
Re: Tyre wear on Contis - Martin
I have 205/60 Continental ECO contacts on my A4 Avant. Much quieter (and much, much grippier) than the 195/65 Dunlop SP200's previously fitted.

Re: Dunlop SP200's - John Slaughter

I'd agree. I had a pair of these on the front of a Vectra a few years back. Wet grip, once more than half worn, was very poor, far worse than both the Goodyear NCT3 that preceded them and the Michelin Pilot HX that followed.

The Michelin was the best bet - quieter than the Goodyear, which tended to whine on some surfaces.


Re: Tyre wear on Contis - Nicholas Moore
My front pair of conti EPs on a Mark II Rover 214 have still got 5mm of tread after 13k of hard miles on bad roads.
Re: Tyre wear on Contis - Simon Saxton

Still listening thank you.Have been studying www.tyres-online.co.uk.Comprehensive comparisons & very informative reading.


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