Xantia Sunroof. - David W
Here is a thread from Geoff that ended up buried under another subject.

Author: Geoff Baldwin (---.server.ntl.com)
Date: 15-10-01 21:31

Does anyone know anything about a modification for Xantias to stop water getting in and lodging under back seats?
Re: Xantia Sunroof. - David W

Do you mean an estate, these have a known problem with this.

Re: Xantia Sunroof. - Geoff Baldwin
Its a hatchback and I'm sure water is coming from the sunroof. I've been told there is a modification but I don't know what it is or how much it costs
Re: Xantia Sunroof. - chad R
I've got a Xantia estate - no sunroof, but I still have a problem with water collecting under the rear seats. It doesn't dampen the actual seat, just collects under the rear bench.

Any ideas where the water's coming in from?

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