tyres - bob

i've got to replace the 165/70 r13 tyres on my car and was wondering if anyone would care to recommend an particular make/tread pattern.

the car has michelin energy tyres on it at the moment, and whilst they seem reasonale (but not great) in the dry, i think their wet grip is pretty poor. i had michelins on a previous car, which were replaced with bridgestones, and they were notably better in all conditions, but these were 195 r15s.

so basically any suggestions, with a viable argument, would be appreciated.


p.s. do "energy" tyres actually make an ounce of difference? i've never noticed any after making the transition on previous cars.
Re: tyres - Piers
I've got Continental Eco-Contact EP (or something like that) in 155/80 13s so not too far away from the size you are after. They give very good dry grip and handle standing water incredibly well - even deep puddles don't disturb the car any more. I can't fault the wet grip apart from they don't allow me to slide the back end out when exiting roundabouts like the old (and I mean old - about 15+ years old) Indias that were on before!

I thought the energy tyres would have less grip - from a harder compound - but these grip very well. Can't comment on fuel consumption as I'm now using 98 octane unleaded with a lead replacement and octane booster and daren't figure out the costs!

Re: tyres - peter todd
I fitted two new conti eco 185/60-14s to my mondeo last night & expected the usual *new tyre* difference in the steering but there seems to be much more *freeness* in the way that the car gets up to speed and rolls on.
Re: tyres - honest john
I like Conti Eco-Contacts and think they do have some effect on fuel economy. I reckon 36 - 37mpg is astonishing for a 2.0 litre Mondeo, especially the way I drive it. However, anyone who bought the paper on Saturday will have seen a photo of a blown Eco Contact (mine). If the pressure drops (this one had a slow puncture which suddenly got faster) they separate between the tread and the tyre wall.

Re: tyres - Michael Thomas
I can recomend Conti Eco Contacts as well. I've ran two cars on them. I replaced the Michelin Energies with them on my Rover 623 as the fronts were appoaching the end of their life. The rears were poorly tracked apparently. Eco's do offer excellent grip in the dry, there isn't a noticable difference in road noise than the Michelin Energies they replaced.

However, I think they seem to feel a bit skittish in the wet. On the same roundabout, they seem to wander when the Energies wouldn't.

I with HJ with fuel economy. I always brim my car on the tripmeter and use Esso Unleaded. With the 620Si which had a usual 31 mpg, I got 33mpg, I got 37 once but put that down to a 60mph stretch on the motorway during roadworks for a couple of weeks.

On the 623, which usually returns a 27mpg on the Energies, I'm getting 30mpg. The 623 is far more sensitive with how your 'right-footed' you are though so it's early days.
Re: tyres - Ben
I've got Pirelli P700-Z's (200/50/15) on my Golf Mark III GTI 2.0 8v. On the trip computer (I know you probably have to take the figures with a pinch of salt) I average between 39-40 mpg overall. With my trip to work I regularly average over 41 mpg, and if I get stuck behind a lorry my current pb is 45 mpg!!

This is because of the lack of dual carriage ways on my route to work and as such I don't get above 60, of course! Unfortunately I am a boring, responsible Golf GTI driver - shame my insurance company doesn't realise this!

I've had no complaints about the pirellis performance in the dry, wet or snow!
Re: tyres - Dominic Grimes
I swear by Pirelli P6000's I find them a very quiet tyre espiecally on the motorway where most of my miles are done.

Re: tyres - Colin M
I just put a set of Goodyear GT3's on my Golf (175/70R13) at £37 a pop all in from Merit Tyre. Apparently they are made of corn (I kid not) and are one of the quietest tyres I have heard. Still too new to out them through their paces, but they feel sticky enough.

Re: tyres - markymarkn
I've just bought some pirelli p6000s (175/65 R15) for my astra and so far they seem much much better than the uniroyal rubbish it used to have.

As i basically do nothing all day at work (i'm a student), and they have free internet, i did loadsa research into what to pay (i'm also a poor student).

Apart from Bridgestones, on average the Pirellis were the best tire i could find, but bridgestones werent available in my size (i think they start in 15s).

Check out www.tyres-online.co.uk its a great site all about tyres, and they have reviews of all the best makes
Re: tyres - ROBIN
Strangely,my 405 wagon has had many of the tyres mentioned but works best on Michelin Energiies.They also hold the long life record.

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