Mobile Road Blocks - Caravans - Robert Major
Do we want to rid Britain of Caravans? Or make them pay for the disruption they cause?

Re: Mobile Road Blocks - Caravans - Andrew Hamilton
This was covered extensively. Use the Search facility!
Re: Mobile Road Blocks - Caravans - Bill Doodson
Caravans I can cope with.

Buses in rush hour should be banned. They stop at regular intervals and then take ages to get going again, traffic can't get past so it all backs up. When they do start moving again they cough up clouds of choking black fumes.

Yea ban buses

Re: One man operated buses - John Slaughter

A better solution would be to bring back conductors. What's the point of the bus sitting stationary for several minutes while the driver takes all the fares?


Re: Mobile Road Blocks - Caravans - Stuart B
Whilst I would agree partly with Bill about the state of ancient bus emissions I would like to suggest a return to the good old clippies. Therefore the bus is just stopped long enough for folks to get off/on. Instead of which you get the driver issuing tickets, if its a Monday issuing those weekly jobbies with the plastic wallet that the ticket never fits in, counting change, oh I could go on.

Caravans actually I am OK about, except for those where the driver just uses the normal door mirrors so cannot see much behind. How do they ever pull out to overtake? When they have passed how do they know when to pull in again, by timing?
Buses vs cars - Kev
Why dont we ban buses, and give away free electric cars to people? And for those who cant drive, get a free [electric] taxi?
Supposedly, electric cars are '100% non poluting'... lets not worry where the electricity comes from, and all those nasty, slow, smelly buses will be gone, roads nice and clear, no traffic jams, fantastic idea, yes?
Kev, still
Buses v. cars - Cliff Pope
How many miles does a bus do to the gallon? About 10?
Therefore how many passengers does a bus have to be carrying before it becomes as environmentally sound as a modern car, even with just the driver? 4?

Here in rural Wales they use antiquated double decker buses carrying about 2 people. They belch out black smoke and go at about 35mph. School buses of course are not so environmentally perfect, but that is another story.

Cliff Pope
Re: Mobile Road Blocks - Caravans - John Slaughter

Sorry, posted before I read this!

Re: Buses vs cars - honest john
See George Fowler's Motormouth in The Star last Friday. There was a bus stop layby near his office. But they've moved the bus stop out of the layby onto the road, so that whenever a bus stops the rest of the traffic has to wait. Sorry, Ken, even you can't convince me this makes any kind of sense.

Re: Buses vs cars - Ian Cook
Grow up!
Re: Mobile Road Blocks - Caravans - The Growler
Rid them, absolutely. An anachronistic menace: dangerous, obstructive.
If you want to live in your car get a proper RV.

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