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Clio bearing failure - Ben
My girlfriend's 97 Clio has had 2 new wheel bearings fail on O/S front and is on its third in 8 months, has anyone else had similar problems? They've all been replaced and work carried out under guarantee so it hasn't cost us anything since the original bearing was replaced back in February. The only explanation we've had is that the bearing's simply collapsed!
Re: Clio bearing failure - mike harvey
Ben, I'm not familiar with Clio bearings, but I am familiar with how many so called technicians treat them and fit them. I would say it's almost certain that they have been badly fitted. Not aligned properly, pressed in with a hammer and socket, grit and muck in them, incorrectly torqued. The torque on these should be 250 NM. Ask the garage to see the torque wrench..... I wonder if they can produce it! Ours is about 5ft long for that torque.
Re: Clio bearing failure - andy bairsto
99.99% as Mike says bad fitting
Re: Clio bearing failure - Ben
Thanks to both of you for your help. I've now got a new question to ask them if the bearing fails again!

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