VW Passat Electrics - Peter
I have an M reg VW Passat which has done 60 000 miles. The mechanics are very good but the electrics are terrible. To date I have renewed both L& R/Hand window winder motors, two yes two windscreen wiper motors and the light switch. I have complained to the very uncaring VW Care Centre but to no avail. Have I just got a rogue car or are VW electrics an expensive problem?
RE: VW Passat Electrics - Martyn
Welcome to The Back Room, Peter (our first visitor!). I can't help on your VW problem, I'm afraid, except to say that imx *all* VAG spares are relatively expensive. I'm sure someone will have a more constructive comment, though!
RE: VW Passat Electrics - honest john
It's an old car. You can't expect VW to be interested in helping over this sort of problem. As usual with electricals, your best bet is 'car electrical specialists' listed in Yellow Pages.
RE: VW Passat Electrics - Ian Browning
Hi Peter,
Is your problem caused by window guides being dirty/corroded causing the motors to burn out?
Regards Ian
RE: VW Passat Electrics - Peter
Hello Ian,
The o/s window winder failed at 15000 miles and the n/s one failed at 28000 miles so I dont think it was corroded guides. The car was almot new. But thanks for the suggestion. The car has only done 68000 miles todate.
In addition to the winder motors its also had two windscreen wiper motors fitted. One at 26000 miles and the other at 66000 miles.


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