Scratched windscreen & plastic headlamp - Tony
Any product recommendations to polish out these scratches. They are not deep but a couple of inches long. I think they were caused by a bag carried by one of those leaflet distribution people.
Scratched windscreen & plastic headlamp - Cyd
We've discussed this many times in the backroom. As far as I can remember the only cure for scratches on windscreens is a new one.
Scratched windscreen & plastic headlamp - ludekev
If the scratches are not deep I have used good old fashioned Duraglit, the brass polish that's like cottonwool in a tin. If you go over the scratches in a tiny circular motion for while eventually they finely polish away, it can take some time. I used to use it to take away scratches on my watch face.
Scratched windscreen & plastic headlamp - SlidingPillar
Duraglit will be serious hard work on glass.

Jewelers rouge and water, and the use of a minigrinder and polishing mop works. Still not that quick and a trifle messy. If you get any on paintwork, wash off with lots of water and avoid any rubbing (much more abrasive than car polish).

Use brasso on plastic lamps, sidescreens, hood rear "windows" etc.

Both are tried and tested methods I have used in the past.
Scratched windscreen & plastic headlamp - terryb
There's an excellent product for polishing scratches out of plastic caravan windows called (I think) Farecla Caravan Pride.

Should work a treat on plastic headlamp lenses. In fact, they've got a large range of automotive products. Take a look at


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Scratched windscreen & plastic headlamp - chris k
You can buy the proper stuff, windscreen repairers use it. you polish the scratch away. have a look on ESPRIT website you will find the windscreen repair kits as well
Scratched windscreen & plastic headlamp - Tony
I successfully used a Brasso type liquid on both windscreen & headlamp.
Scratched windscreen & plastic headlamp - Halmer
I had a similar problem with a Golf a few years back. Some idiot decided to scratch the windscreen right in my line of vision.

I tried a few things without any success. The windscreens are so tough that I'd be very surprised if you made any inroads into a deep scratch. You may have some success with surface scrathes. I don't know if rubbing compound may help in respect of these.

Pesonally if it really bothers you or is dangerous I'd claim a new one on your insurance.
Scratched windscreen & plastic headlamp - Civic8
it cannot be done if a scratch occurs a replacement is best only
because the repair causes a magnifying effect on the repair.if in your visual site of screen causes in that possition distract from driving.why they advertise repairs to screens I think is only cost cutting.I think it is distracting but that is my 2 penneth

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